Genian NAC Documentation

About Genian NAC

Genians provides the industry’s leading Network Access Control (NAC) solution, which ensures full visibility of all IP-enabled devices regardless of whether they are wired, wireless, or virtual. It also ensures that they conform to the highest levels of enterprise-mandated security and compliance.

See every connected device holistically

  • Identify all network-enabled devices and their attributes
  • View from multiple perspectives (Device, IP, Switch Port, WLAN)
  • Assess the compliance state of all connected devices

Control all connected devices contextually

  • Enforce granular policies to regulate access
  • Control endpoints’ systems configuration and network access
  • Track endpoint activities and maintain IT security baseline

Automate all IT security tasks easily

  • On-boarding process with workflows, approvals, and notifications
  • Remove IT security silos by integrating with third-party solutions
  • Automate the incident response and mitigation process