Installing Policy Server

Choose Deployment Type

Policy Server can be installed in two different ways.

Policy Server Only
System only work for Policy Server functionality. In general, on a large network, separate the policy server and network sensor for performance and reliability. At least two systems are required for this deployment type.
Policy Server + Network Sensor (All-in-One)
In a small network, a system can function as a policy server and network sensor.

Prepare Hardware

You can install Policy Server on a physical machine or virtual machine. Please refer minimum specification.

Physical Machine
You can use generic intel server like HP, Dell or Mini PC for testing and small deployment. If you have any hardware comparability issue, please contact us
Virtual Machine
You can install Policy Server on virtual machine. We support various hypervisor.

Prepare Network Connection

Genian NAC requires a network connection with at least one static IP address. If you configure the All-in-One to use the network sensor function, You can use an 802.1Q trunk port to manage multiple VLANs on a single network connection.


If you are using a virtual machine, be sure to select the network interface type in Bridge mode.

Download Software

Download the Policy Server ISO file from the download page and create a CD-ROM or bootable USB for physical machine installation

Installing Policy Server

  1. Boot up your machine

    • Plug the CD-ROM or bootable USB flash drive into your physical machine
    • Change the boot sequence to boot from the CD-ROM or USB drive
    • On virtual machine, select ISO file for installation media
  2. Type “1” for Genian NAC Policy Server + Sensor

  3. Type “i” to proceed

  4. Reboot your system

    • Remove the installation media (e.g. USB)
    • Press Enter to reboot

Initial Configuration

  1. Create admin account for Web UI and SSH connection

    • Enter superadmin account name. (default is admin)
    • Enter superadmin password
  2. Set up a system time zone and NTP server

    • Enter number of your continent and city
    • Enter NTP server IP or FQDN (default is
  3. Select connection type

    • In case the interface eth0 is connected access port (regular port)

      • Type “n”
    • In case the interface eth0 is connected to 802.1Q trunk port

      • Type “y”
      • Enter VLAN IDs for service (Concatenated by comma or A-B for range. e.g: 10,20-30)
      • Enter VLAN ID for management interface
  4. Network configuration

    • Enter IP address
    • Enter netmask
    • Enter default gateway
    • Enter DNS IP addresses (Concatenated by comma)
  5. Verify all information

    • Everythings correct. Type “y” to start
    • Something wrong. Type “n” to restart configuration
  6. Login to Genian NAC management UI. Accessing GUI

Unsupported Hardware

If you find any device driver unsupported problems. please report to us.


If the storage device or network interface is not recognized when installing the virtual machine, please change the storage type to SATA or change the network interface driver to Intel series such as E1000.