Genian NAC v5.0.50 (LTS) Release Notes (DEC 2022)

Release Date: 2022/12/07, Last Updated: 2022/12/07 Description The last (R) mark is an additional release patch item.

New Features and Improvements

Key Description
#23573 Improved Windows Agent's load balancing to be smooth when auto-updating agents on a large number of nodes.
#24820 Improved audit log screen to show log data usage.
#24841 Added feature to delete the contents set in sub-items when changing the setting a custom rule of the Windows Firewall Control Plug-in to All.
#25096 Improved RADIUS MAC authentication node group check so that it can be compared using Calling-Station-ID.
#25212 Improved so that the checkbox does not appear if the period item is set as a required item on the CWP new user registration screen.
#25231 Removed overlapping condition 'If MAC is the same' when adding a node group condition.
#25322 Added last deauthentication time column to the user management view to help distinguish dormant users.
#25388 Added help for the 'Allow SSID-Regular Expression' option to the 'Allow SSID' item in the WLAN Control Plug-in.
#25404 Improved so that the searched content displayed remains after clicking the apply change policy button in the node list.
#25416 Improved Linux Agent so if the agent and the policy server time zones are different, it is converted and displayed in the time zone of the administrator logged in to the management console.
#25446 Improved Sophos support of Linux Agent Vaccine Information Collection Plug-in.
#25457 Added ability to send messages to the node where the agent is installed using the REST API.
#25479 Improved to not display html syntax in device application processing notification message.
#25494 Improved Windows Agent password validation plug-in to check for change even when the password is changed directly in Windows instead of through the agent.
#25496 Improved macOS Agent's load balancing when auto-updating agents on a large number of nodes.

Issues Fixed

Key Description Affects Version/s
#25081 Fixed an issue where equipment change approvals were not being processed in the REST API. 4.0.110 5.0.7
#25117 Fixed an issue where there was a mismatch in the number of nodes on the management screen and in Status and Filter>Agent>Software status. 5.0.33
#25159 Fixed an issue where if a header list was deleted using Webhooks it was still showing up a Log search. 5.0.15
#25289 Fixed an issue with the macOS Agent Device Control plugin's network interface control option causing persistent block logs despite interfaces already being down. 5.0.46
#25317 Fixed an issue where node were still include in node groups even after time condition had expired. 4.1.3 4.0.152 5.0.50
#25340 Fixed an issue where installation date could not be collected by macOS Agent Operating system information collection plug-in. 5.0.47
#25350 Fixed an issue where the logged in admin UI session would terminate after an email approval/rejection of a new IP application. 4.1.0
#25390 Fixed an issue where a domain's IP would not renew when using an FQDN network object. 5.0.27
#25399 Fixed an issue where the number of nodes in Windows Update Status was displayed incorrectly when labeling the Windows Update Action. 4.0.113 5.0.10 4.0.152 5.0.50
#25439 Fixed an issue where the platform of the node with an agent installed was changed to Unknown when updating GPDB manually with CLI command. 5.0.0 4.0.152 5.0.50
#25443 Fixed an issue where certificate expiration logs remain based on equipment certificates even when using a custom certificates. 5.0.0
#25462 Fixed an issue where a webpage error would occurr when clicking on details in the Genian Monitor window. 5.0.19
#25477 Fixed an issue where a large number of duplicate pop-up messages were displayed when waking from sleep mode while using the macOS Agent wireless LAN control plug-in. 5.0.49
#25498 Fixed an issue where the screen saver options in the macOS Agent, Appearance and Personalization plug-ins would not work properly with the input time. 5.0.15
#25559 Fixed an issue where the Wireless Connection Manager action would not recognize SSID if it was in Korean, and would registered it as the wrong SSID. 4.0.5 5.0.0 4.0.152 5.0.50
#25574 Fixed an issue where macOS Agent popup messages were not displaying correctly. 5.0.0
#25601 Fixed an issue where the administrator could not check documents registered when applying for IP because the detailed view page was disabled while awaiting approval.  
#25642 Fixed an issue where the node group condition setting UI were not displaying the new UI when upgrading to version 5.0.50 (LTS) or installing a new one. 5.0.49
#25652 Fixed an issue where an error page would be displayed on the CVE status widget in the dashboard if the bottom of the screen was clicked. 5.0.43
#25734 Fixed issue where hyperlink in Windows Agent notification message would launch Internet Explorer even when Edge was set as default browser. 5.0.47 6.0.4
#25745 Fixed an issue in the Linux agent file distribution plug-in where even when the distribution option was set to 'execute file' and the execution account to 'Root account' the file was not executed. 6.0.8