API Guide


This feature requires Enterprise Edition

Genian NAC provides the REST API to get desired information from the policy server or to set security policy and various objects. An API key is required to call the API from the outside to the policy server. API Keys are created for each administrator and can be accessed or set according to the privileges granted to the administrator.

To create or verify an administrator API Key:

  1. Go to Management > User in the top panel
  2. In the left panel, select Administrators
  3. Click administrator name to generate the API Key
  4. Select Administrator tab
  5. On API Key, Click Generate API Key button
  6. Click Update at the end of the page

The API key set through the above process should be passed as parameter of Request URL as follows.

curl -X GET "https://nac.company.com/mc2/rest/logs?apiKey={API Key}"

List of APIs provided by Genian NAC can be found below.