Frequently Asked Questions

What is the product release cycle?

Genian NAC releases a new minor version every two months.

Can I downgrade my software version?

No, downgrade is not supported. For a downgrade, you should create a backup before you upgrade, and then reinstall software and restore backup data.

Is the communication between each component encrypted?

Yes, communication between each component is encrypted through TLS.

What if I exceed the license amount?

See step 1 on Sizing Software and Hardware

How can I check Windows update of endpoints?

See step 1 on Update Windows

How come the blocked Nodes cannot open the CWP through Genian NAC?

See step 1 on Blocked Nodes are not redirected to CWP page

What Regex engine does Genian NAC utilize?

Genian NAC utilizes Perl Compatible Regular Expressions. For information including syntax reference the following resources:

Can User Credentials from Active Directory be used to access the Web Console?

Yes. To configure, you must configure authentication integration AND user database synchronization with an AD domain controller. Lastly the Active Directory user must be selected in the Genians user database and configured with a superAdmin role.

Can Node info be imported from a wireless controller via SNMP?

No, this function is not supported.