Frequently Asked Questions

What is the product release cycle?

Genian NAC releases a new minor version every two months.

Can I downgrade my software version?

No, downgrade is not supported. For a downgrade, you should create a backup before you upgrade, and then reinstall software and restore backup data.

Is the communication between each component encrypted?

Yes, communication between each component is encrypted through TLS.

What if I exceed the license amount?

See step 1 on Sizing Software and Hardware

How can I check Windows update of endpoints?

See step 1 on Update Windows

How come the blocked Nodes cannot open the CWP through Genian NAC?

See step 1 on Blocked Nodes are not redirected to CWP page

What Regex engine does Genian NAC utilize?

Genian NAC utilizes Perl Compatible Regular Expressions. For information including syntax reference the following resources: