Genian NAC v5.0.10 Release Notes (October 2017)

Release Date: 10/19/2017

New Feature & Improvement

  • #16579 HTTPS CWP Redirect Support
  • #16312 Improved to select whether to register node when receiving GARP packet
  • #14300 Added “Select language” option to admin login page
  • #16666 Add trend graph to node / wireless LAN group big number widget
  • #16747 Charset option Change from global option to per-sensor option
  • #16447 Improved to count output for items in the tree of the switch management screen
  • #16685 [Agent] Improved macOS agent program information window design

Bug Fix

  • #16810 Pop-up window does not close after changing password in secret change dialogue after enforcing administrator password
  • #16626 Status chart error on reregistration after node deletion
  • #16725 Problems with blank selection when setting sensor-based management limits
  • #16604 Error when setting netmask value to when creating network object
  • #16800 [CLI]IP pattern check error when setting ip name-server
  • #16722 [Agent] Fixed a problem that sends Keep Alive transmission to wrong center when using multicenter list
  • #16297 [Agent] Fixed the problem that Windows automatic update can not be turned off in Windows 10