Genian NAC v5.0.12 Release Notes (February 2018)

Release Date: 2/8/2018

New Feature & Improvement

  • #17214 Support LSI Logic SAS adapter
  • #17156 Improved to send user secondary verification SMS authentication code to 6 digits
  • #17095 Support MacOS agent for High Sierra
  • #17112 Add account expiration time setting function from user management screen
  • #16232 Add ability to gather locally configured IPv6 information with agent installedBug Fix

Bug Fix

  • #17316 Fixed the problem of not operating the wireless LAN card on Intel NUC NUC6CAY
  • #17071 Fixed a problem where the user tries to delete the backup file if free space can not be secured
  • #17104 Fixed the problem that mssql.log file is not generated when synchronizing information with MSSQL server
  • #17145 Fixed an error that could not be applied to a policy even after entering a value that is out of acceptable range for the node action
  • #17128 Fixed a problem where the same device information appears duplicated in USB device information
  • #17161 Fixed an issue where agent unassembly nodes were included in the agent information related node group
  • #17107 Fixed the problem that the center IP is designated as virtual IP when the virtual IP is automatically set in the center band sensor
  • #17128 [Agent]Fixed a problem where tray icon is not displayed when macOS agent is installed
  • #17131 [Agent] Fixed an issue where agent authentication window does not exit when Agent Failsafe operation