Genian NAC v5.0.13 Release Notes (April 2018)

Release Date: 4/18/2018

New Feature & Improvement

  • #17206 Improved policy server to enable external connections through Proxy server setting.
  • #17088 Improved to leave audit records before certificate expiration.
  • #17127 Add CUBRUD DB to DB list that can synchronize information.
  • #17253 Add the ability to check the allowed IP when the administrator logs in for the first time.

Bug Fix

  • #17394 Fixed a problem where html tag is output when password input error of computer name change (agent action).
  • #17425 Fixed a problem where the CWP URL could not be set if the CWP domain configuration contained a detailed address after ‘/’.
  • #17393 Fixed problem where search condition is initialized when audit log filter is modified.
  • #17407 Fixed a problem that the host name of the node is continuously changed by the MDNS packet.
  • #17230 Fixed a problem where the platform information of the node where the agent is installed is displayed as “Unknown” on the terminal with the latest operating system installed.
  • #17424 Fixed a problem that when the version information is compared with the execution condition of the action, the version does not work if the version is only a number without the delimiter.
  • #17452 [Agent] Corrected the display error status of IPv4 and IPv6 in Windows node interface information.
  • #17362 [Agent] Fixed a problem where macOS agent remote agent deletion hidden function does not work.
  • #17378 [Agent] Fixed a problem where NAT was detected when changing the IP of a PC with macOS agent installed.