Genian NAC v5.0.35 Release Notes (SEP 2020)

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New Features

Key Description
#21721 Added Policy Server AMI to the AWS Marketplace.
#20077 Added the ability to reassign a Switch Port VLAN through SNMP in an Enforcement Policy.
#21037 An operation status indicator has been added to the web console switch management list.


Key Description
#20144 [macOS Agent] Added improvements to the execution options of the file management plugin.
#20329 Added a link from the switch port view page to the SNMP Community Assignment page.
#21544 Improved Webhook Authentication integration content-type options.
#21546 [Windows Agent] Improved the Wireless Connection Manager Plugin to show when SSID signal is undetected.
#21549 Added Cisco-AVPair detailed attribute key to RADIUS policy.
#21550 Improved to leave an audit log when receiving a RADIUS account packet even if the RADIUS authentication based Single sign on is not used.
#21552 [macOS Agent] Added improvements to the execution options of the file deployment plugin.
#21579 Improved compatibility with Cisco AnyConnect VPN.
#21587 Web console connection port/switch/port term has been changed to connection device/connection port/connection device/connection port.
#21588 Web console 802.1x menu name has been changed to RADIUS policy .
#21590 Added Audit records for RADIUS policy and RADIUS ACCOUNT information.
#21592 When receiving a DHCP request the device has been improved to transmit NAK for a request that is not Offer.
#21601 The RADIUS policy column has been added to the RADIUS audit record.
#21621 Improved CWP user information page so that passwords are not displayed in plain text when using developer tools on the user terminal.
#21634 Added macro support for url-redirect RADIUS CoA values.
#21647 The database server in the product has been upgraded to 5.6.48.
#21650 [Agent] The ability to detect and recover when agent GnStart service properties are changed has been added.
#21660 Added support for spaces in custom node type names.
#21676 Improved the speed of results from the node search feature.

Issues Fixed

Key Description
#20724 Fixed a problem where RADIUS server client authentication keys could not be modified.
#21556 Fixed a problem where multiple authentication guidance messages displayed following delayed loading of the Captive Portal authentication page.
#21592 Fixed an issue where the processing date was not displayed in the IP usage request result message.
#21595 Fixed a problem where debug logs older than 30 days were delted without warning after running log collection(syscollect).
#21612 Fixed a problem in which AD join fails when the AD server's Pre-Win2k domain and AD domain are different and authentication is linked with the RADIUS AD server.
#21622 Fixed a problem where the password of a general user account could be changed in the function of finding the administrator password on the web console login page.
#21632 [Agent] Fixed an issue that prevented the agent from collecting network information from certain PCs.
#21639 Fixed a problem where the tag assignment time was not set on the node detail screen while using Internet Explorer.
#21658 Fixed a problem in which only the currently running node information was updated when the node's hostname/domain information was updated.
#21707 Fixed a problem wherethe search filter did not work when the search range of the IP application system application processing result is within the applicant ID.