Genian NAC v5.0.36 Release Notes (OCT 2020)

New Features

Key Description
#21743 Added support for gathering sensor settings via REST API.


Key Description
#21396 Improved SQL syntax checking in the Node Management search bar.
#21530 Improved Captive Portal password recovery to show both SMS and Email methods.
#21681 [macOS Agent] Network information collection plug-in has been improved to collect DHCP usage information.
#21692 Improved performance of Agentless AD SSO feature.
#21696 Improved performance of user info sync feature.
#21725 [Agent] Uninstall Programs plug-in setting has been improved so that multiple program names can be set.
#21761 Improved product SOAP to support Server Name Indication (SNI).
#21802 Improved NAC backup to be able to use SMB2 version in external storage device CIFS method.
#21823 Added a search function to the web console debug log tree.
#21828 Web console node group management list output performance has been improved.

Issues Fixed

Key Description
#20914 Fixed an error impacting Windows products platform detection.
#21583 [Agent] Fixed instability of the Windows Agent in AD environments.
#21678 Fixed a problem where some column information was not properly registered when importing user information in bulk.
#21732 [Agent] Fixed instability when changing agent exectuion account on Windows endpoints.
#21746 Fixed a problem where files in the VC directory of the MASTER policy server could be deleted in the policy server HA environment.
#21754 Fixed an issue where the Captive Portal Password recovery menu behaved abnormally.
#21757 Fixed an issue where the node connection method detected by the switch SNMP was changed to outdated information after the node scan.
#21769 Fixed a problem where the system error page was displayed when the security question was not entered when using forgot administrator password.
#21787 Fixed a problem where the node information could be checked despite screen view restriction set for the admin account.