Genian NAC v5.0.37 Release Notes (NOV 2020)

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New Features

Key Description
#20192 [Agent] Added the ability to collect Windows multi-boot (BCD) information using the "Collecting Computer OS Information" plugin
#21876 Added a function to import audit logs written in CSV format to the log server has been added.


Key Description
#21028 AD/LDAP Group Membership inclusion condition has been added as a detailed option in the RADIUS policy condition setting item User-Name.
#21379 Added a display icon to show if the Policy Server can support agents in an IPv6 environment.
#21778 Improved the loading speed of the Switch Management tree menu.
#21780 Added the ability to change the Permission etting of the Default Enforcement Policy.
#21784 Added support for grouping nodes by their installed software versions.
#21808 Added support for grouping nodes by the date of their consent to usage policies(captive portal) and support for multiple consent forms.
#21831 [Agent] Added the ability to download endpoint agent logs from the web console.
#21853 Added the ability to separately enable or disable ARP Enforcement for Local Network traffic or Remote Network traffic.
#21869 Added the ability to filter incoming syslogs using regular expressions.
#21870 [Agent] Added the ability to initiate endpoint agent log collection from the web console.
#21878 Added support for SHA-256 password encryption for the policy server database access account
#21879 A security vulnerability in the captive portal that allowed for stolen authentication authority has been fixed.
#21885 Changed the sensor registration method so that added sensors will be identifed by a static IP if one is configured

Issues Fixed

Key Description
#21798 Improved error checking has been added when changing the data-server access-list in the Policy Server CLI
#21815 Fixed an issue where the Policy Server and Network Sensor did not consistently enforce policy.
#21819 An error requiring administrator information when using the captive portal password search function has been corrected.
#21830 Fixed a problem where the detection source of a nodes platform info was incorrectly listed as DHCP Server Scan