Genian NAC v5.0.38 Release Notes (DEC 2020)

New Features

Key Description
#21674 [Windows Agent] The Windows agent MSI file no longer needs to be manually configured before distributing to endpoints.
#21933 Added a function for Data Synchronization using REST API.
#21964 Added a function to activate/deactivate network sensors from the Policy Server CLI.
#21997 Added a function to check the status of network sensors from the Policy Server CLI.
#21270 Added the ability to download Node/Log/Wireless LAN reports.


Key Description
#19820 Improved responsiveness of the CWP when the "Require User Reauthentication" command is executed on a node.
#21254 Improved responsiveness when changing Agent action execution cycle times.
#21605 Improved logging of changes to monitored switches and ports.
#21896 Improved internal system logging for the Policy Server process.
#21935 Added the ability to manage Aruba virtual controllers using SNMP using the Switch Management feature set.
#21965 Removed unnecessary NTP related content from the Sensor installation process.
#22019 Updated Nmap version for node discovery.
#22034 Increased max character length for Agent pop-up notification titles.
#20973 Added the ability to register a public certificate (ssl.cer) in the web console.

Issues Fixed

Key Description
#21947 Fixed a problem where previously configured input validation was not properly disabled.
#21982 Fixed a problem where Windows OS patch status was set as both compliant and non-compliant.
#22008 Fixed a problem where the CWP showed the wrong Time Zone.
#21882 Fixed a problem where the CWP did not accept correct responses to user security questions.
#21943 [Agent] Fixed a problem where user authentication via the agent did not trigger the program specified in the "Run After Authentication" option.
#22045 [Agent] Fixed a problem where agent log collection from the Web Console failed due to connection time out.
#21958 Fixed a problem where users could not access the CWP through a VPN interface.
#22006 Fixed a problem where the User Department tree list did not properly display in the Web Console.
#22010 [macOS Agent] Fixed a problem where information updates failed due to duplicate data.
#22037 Fixed a problem where a prohibited virtual interface on an endpoint was not blocked.
#22101 [macOS Agent] Fixed a problem where agent actions were not performed at their set interval.
#22177 Fixed a problem where tags applied via REST API did not trigger a policy update.
#22141 Fixed a problem where custom node fields could not be configured properly.