Genian NAC v5.0.39 Release Notes (FEB 2021)

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New Features

Key Description
#20093 Added a widget to compare the number of nodes in different groups using various chart formats.
#21827 Added a status/filter screen and multiple widgets for displaying CVE's that are recently associated with managed nodes.


Key Description
#15682 Added the option to enable or disable backup when performing a system update.
#21269 Improved the custom button feature so that deleting the button also deleted the associated image file.
#21529 [macOS Agent] Added Support for macOS Big Sur (Intel). New Hardware support is planned.
#21782 Improved to show "EarlyRole" policies in the Web Console (Policies that the mirror sensor can apply to unregistered nodes).
#21899 Improved display layout of the captive web portal.
#21985 Improved the Web Console to be more resistant to XSS attacks.
#22004 Improved Device Platform Intelligence and CVE display for nodes registered by Genians Agent.
#22018 Added optional debug logging for Webhook notifications.
#22081 Improved macOS node detection to avoid duplicate detection .
#22089 [Windows Agent] Added the option to launch pop-up forms using the default browser.
#22091 Improved kernel debugging for the sensor enforcer.
#22117 Improved the Web Console behavior when editing network objects.
#22133 [Windows Agent] Improved the image quality of the Agent UI when using display magnification.
#22134 Improved multi-language support. English text is substituted when the selected language is not available.
#22136 Added an option to define custom fields as required.

Issues Fixed

Key Description
#22078 Fixed an issue where custom field content could not be set as a node group condition.
#22108 Fixed an issue where the Web Console did not correctly reflect failover in High Availability deployments.
#22163 Corrected the Link from the "Genian Data" section in the Web Console to the Platform Information update log.
#22182 Fixed a problem where log event for user deletion was duplicated.