Genian NAC v5.0.40 Release Notes (APR 2021)

New Features

Key Description
#21832 Added TLS SNI filtering function for FQDN network group when performing access control.
#22176 Display authenticated users owned equipment in the Wake on LAN screen in the Captive portal
#22240 Added the ability to manually register a new node for a previously registered device.
#22351 Added the ability to set IP conflict and change prevention on a designated network segment/subnet.


Key Description
#21239 Added support for setting failsafe options independently on each sensor interface
#21598 Added an "additional" button to the node group config menu to easily add multiple conditions
#21620 Added the ability to display device life cycle information columns in the node management screen.
#21937 Added performance improvements to the windows agent sensor.
#21940 Improved Virtual IP accounting of High availanility interfaces.
#22015 System Debug logs have been moved to the main logs screen.
#22076 The user list CSV export format has been improved so that it matches with the supported user import CSV format.
#22168 Added an improvement so when a node is deleted the corresponding IP change/conflict prevention rules are also deleted.
#22202 Added a feature so that sensor alias interfaces will be displayed in the tree panel with an "SA" icon.
#22203 Added support for importing additional field data when manually registering a node.
#22212 Improved the captioning and instructions for 2 factor authentication for admin web console access.
#22238 The inactive node policy update option has been improved so that it can be applied for each node policy.
#22254 When using SSL connections to the captive web portal attempted insecure connections will automatically be redirected to use HTTPS.
#22219 Added an option to send using a new socket when sending Windows Agent Keepalive.
#21970 Improved to update AP information using agent interface information plugin.
#22184 Improved stability of the agent user interface.
#22186 Improved the user management function so that departments can be deleted without removing the department info from all users.
#22201 Added an option to perform two-step verification when exporting information to XLS files from the web console.
#22205 Added the ability to specify NMAP scan options under sensor settings.
#22296 Fixed a problem where Vlan interface and alias interfaces with the same number cause internal errors.
#22326 Improved authentication logging to include more node and device information.
#22341 Added an option to delete dormant users in the User Management menu.
#22355 Added the ability to enable or disable debug logs keepalive of policy server and sensor.
#22366 Improved the stability of Agentless Active Directory SSO to function when the authenticated node changes IP addresses.
#22380 Improved the ability to detect and display WPA3.
#22391 Added input validation for Node-Type when registering nodes using REST API.
#22407 Upgraded Tomcat version for improved security.
#22408 Added the ability to detect 802.11ax using the Windows Agent Control Wireless LAN plugin.
#22620 Improved performance when exporting web console info in Excel spreadsheet format.

Issues Fixed

Key Description
#22056 Fixed a problem in which additional fields were not updated through the user selector in the web console new node detail screen.
#22093 Fixed an issue where the information of nodes not managed by the sensor were displayed when outputting Matrix View of the Web console.
#22153 Fixed an issue where the information update would intermittently fail when a secondary IP was present on the PC interface.
#22161 Fixed a problem where sorting by CVE-ID in the Web console CVE status list did not work.
#22165 Fixed a problem where logs could not be displayed within a time range starting with 00:00.
#22171 Fixed an issue where the code authentication function did not work in the Windows Agent interface control plug-in .
#22206 Fixed a problem where the Windows Agent wireless LAN control plugin caused a database data duplication error.
#22231 Fixed a problem where the hint phrase was not displayed in the password change screen in the captive portal.
#22285 Fixed a problem where the Check Conditions agent plugin does not check all conditions.
#21500 Fixed a problem where the Captive Portal preview template is applied to the actual captive portal before admin confirmation.
#21860 Fixed a problem where nodes registered via switch SNMP query incorrectly formatted the MAC address and were registered as duplicate nodes.
#22042 fixed an issue where the macOS Agent Keepalive failed to transmit.
#22241 Fixed a problem where some update items could not be searched when performing Windows Agent Windows Update through a proxy.
#22258 Fixed an issue where the Windows Agent GnPMS process would intermittently crash.
#22303 Fixed an issue where the CWP page customization button was not centered when used in 2 lines.
#22315 Fixed an issue where nodes could not be grouped by motherboard type when the type value was "unknown."
#22317 Fixed an issue where additional fields (10-20) were not entered in the web console node property import.
#22327 Fixed an issue where the anomaly detection policies with special characters were not assigned to the node policy.
#22345 Fixed an issue where the captive portal user import page did not properly display error messages.
#22383 Fixed a problem where an error screen was displayed when clicking the mirror sensor IP ( in the IP matrix view of the web console.
#22406 Fixed a problem where node groups containing terms like "UPDATE" and "BY" could not be searched for without causing an error.
#22424 Fixed an issue where values ​​such as maintenance expiration date were not updated when uploading a license file.
#22441 fixed an issue where the macOS Agent tray could only be displayed in English.
#22464 Fixed a time check related error on the macOS Agent OS Update plugin.
#22469 Fixed an issue where the Windows Agent OS information collection plugin performed updates when no change had occurred.


Key Description
#22385 Fixed an issue where the syscollect feature did not work.
#22292 Added Amazon AWS public IP info in the web console system port menu.