Genian NAC v5.0.41 Release Notes(JUN 2021)

New Features

Key Description
#22438 Added a function to input the policy server IP during the Windows Agent installation process if there is no policy server IP information detected.


Key Description
#22210 The Windows Agent Manage Files plugin can now create folders if they do not exist when distributing files.
#22261 Improved User interface when using Google OTP for administrator login.
#22463 Improved column sorting function for Node Groups and node lists in the Web Console.
#22471 macOS Agents can be deleted by the end user without a verification code.
#22484 Added macro support for custom button links in the captive web portal.
#22501 Added logging support for device model name and serial number.
#22516 Improved macOS Agent CPU info collection error handling for M1 endpoints.
#22522 Added boot configuration collection to the Windows Agent OS information collection plugin.
#22613 VLAN interface DHCP client options added to the Policy Server and Network Sensor Installation Wizard.
#22619 Windows Agent authentication plugin failed attempt lockout function has been improved to persist even if the Agent is terminated.
#22621 Added department structure (Device info) verbosity options to logs.
#22635 Timezone settings have been removed from the Policy Server and Network Sensor Installation Wizard.
#22676 Policy change confirmation popups have been improved to use Agent Action plugin names rather than numbers.
#22707 Improved UI support for the main menu bar when displayed in narrow windows.
#22771 Improve performance when of the cache function when using the Policy Server as a Windows Update proxy.
#22942 Removed the ability to stop the Windows Agent via DOS command.

Issues Fixed

Key Description
#22411 Fixed an error where Node Policy authentication options could not be changed.
#22433 Fixed an error where the file upload function in the user registration captive portal screen did not work.
#22778 Fixed an error where the node name could not be used in the node search bar.
#22514 Improved performance of the Windows Agent Uninstall Programs plugin.
#22517 Fixed an error where the Web Console Quick Search and detailed results did not match.
#22543 Fixed an error where logs were not generated after synchronizing device lifecycle info.
#22560 Improved the accuracy of Windows Agent Collect OS Information plugin when detecting Appearance and Personalization info.
#22568 Fixed an error where IPAM policy status as a search criteria did not provide accurate results.
#22584 Fixed an error where computer reboots interfered with Windows Agent reathentication function.
#22623 Fixed an error where CLI batch config did not support dhcp commands.
#22649 Fixed an error where logging was not generated by changing MAC address compliance settings in specific bands.
#22674 Fixed an error where WLAN policies could be deleted while in use.
#22677 Fixed an error where the captive portal login lock did not work.
#22684 Fixed an error where Policy change confirmation popups listed inaccurate info.
#22708 Fixed an error where node tags could not be set from the node list in the node details view.
#22736 Improved the function of macOS Agent integrity check and repair function.
#22751 Fixed an error where the tag display widget did not redirect to a list of nodes with the selected tag.
#22763 Fixed an error where the node type of MAC/IP Clones were incorrectly identified.
#22788 Fixed an error where Windows Agent Collect OS Information plugin could not detect domain info in an Active Directory environment.
#22800 Fixed an error where temporary user account requests were not shown in the Genian NAC Monitor app.
#22801 Fixed an error where changes to the reconnection settings in the Windows Agent ontrol wireless connection manager plugin were not applied.
#22834 Fixed an error where Node Policies and Enforcement Policies could not be deleted and an incorrect error message was displayed.
#22884 Fixed an error that occured when Windows Agent plugins were updated before the base agent software.
#22938 Fixed an error where the Policy Server process crashed due to abnormal processing of keepalive events.


Key Type Description
#22301 New Feature Platform Detection upgraded to use the GDPI API.
#22724 Problem Fixed an issue where the Policy Server was not displayed in the Sensor tree if there were no Network Sensors registered in the Policy Server.