Genian NAC v5.0.42 (LTS) Release Notes (AUG 2021)

Long Term Support (LTS) version will be maintained with security and critical bug fixes for 2 years (until Jul 2023)

New Features

Key Description
#16843 Added a feature to display DHCP usage info in the IP management list.
#19733 Added an IP conflict log filter to be included by default.
#22123 Added the option to put a URL link button in the authentication plugin of the Windows Agent.
#22247 Added the option to fully display messages (rather than a preview) in the Windows Agent Pop up.
#22852 Added the ability to manually input a policy server IP if none is present when installing the macOS Agent.
#22891 Added a Linux Agent and node policy plugins.
#23003 Added the ability to customize the execution cycle of Linux Agent plugins.


Key Description
#21939 Windows Agent Software Uninstall Plugin can now remove software from the Microsoft Store.
#22698 Mail Server and SMS server integrations can now be disabled.
#22813 A log entry will now be generated when executing a network sensor image update command.
#22823 Windows Agent Software Detection Plugin can now detect software from the Microsoft Store.
#22956 Trend Micro APEX One is now supported in the Windows Agent Antivirus information plugin.
#22982 Check Point Endpoint Security is now supported in the Windows Agent Antivirus information plugin.
#23047 Notifications for authentication expiration can now be disabled.

Issues Fixed

Key Description
#22395 Fixed an issue where macOS Agent installation failed.
#22464 fixed an issue where scheduled macOS Agent OS Update scans generated error logs.
#22481 Fixed an issue where the authentication window was duplicated while using 802.1x EAP GTC authentication on Windows.
#22749 Fixed an issue where active nodes displayed the current time in the 'last active' column of the node list.
#22909 Fixed an issue where equipment name / sensor name was not shown in exported node list spreadsheets.
#22932 Fixed an issue where nodes registered by virtual sensor cannot be blocked by mirror mode sensor.
#23024 Fixed an issue where the USER_CUSTOM macro did not function.


Key Type Description
#23071 Problem Fixed an issue where Network Sensor Debug files stored on the Policy Server do not correctly identify the sensor IP associated with the log entry.