Genian NAC v5.0.43 Release Notes (SEP 2021)

Release Date: 2021/10/06, Last Updated: 2021/11/05


There are incompatible API changes in this release. Network sensors and agents must be upgraded to the same version as the policy server.

Description The last (R) mark is an additional release patch item.

New Features

Key Description
#22536 Added Windows Agent extension plug-in to the image so that it installs along with the first installation of the product.
#22591 Added a function to collectively register wireless LANs in the web console wireless LAN management menu.
#22890 Added check action only for Linux Agent execution condition.
#22084 Added execution condition check function to Linux Agent action.
#23211 Added Linux Agent Tray Icon display function.
#23350 Added the ability to display the Linux Agent Tray Menu and program information screen.
#23260 Windows Agent supports Windows 11.


Key Description
#23075 Added case conversion macro to syslog audit log filter macro.
#22607 Added a function to load and add a CSV file when entering node group IP/MAC.
#23185 Improved so that an audit log is left when password change is forced in basic information when user information is modified.
#22847 Added SSO plug-in to Windows Agent for authentication linkage with Nets' ESSO system.
#22542 Export and search functions have been added to the Web Console Status & Filter > Risk Node Status screen.
#22966 Improvements have been made so that the expiration date is reflected when applying for a new application using an Excel file in the IP application system.
#23110 When the subnets of the network sensor and the agent are different, the broadcast method is selected by adjusting the options.
#23190 Improved to support macOS Monterey of macOS Agent.
#23323 Improved the output of the dangerous node status list in the web console node management status & filter.
#23348 Improvements have been made so that the port number is not entered in the ICMP protocol when creating a service object.
#23435 Added an option to filter by sensor status when checking the status of all network sensors in the Policy Server CLI.
#23175 When detecting the node connection method through SNMP information collection, the wireless connection has priority when detecting both wired and wireless.
#23723 When collecting SNMP switch information, it is improved to also collect MAC table information of a Juniper Switch.
#23627 Improved to perform version verification of licenses registered in the product.

Issues Fixed

Key Description Affects Version/s
#22821 Fixed an issue where some node types were not displayed in the dashboard node type widget. 5.0.40
#23119 Fixed an issue where the latest synchronization time information was not updated when an information synchronization error occurred. 5.0.17
#23127 Fixed an issue where unassigned nodes were found when searching for AgentActionName in the Web Console node condition search. 5.0.26
#23152 Fixed the problem with the daily report email. 5.0.26
#23187 Fixed an issue where information from SNMP Version 2 switches was not being collected. 5.0.17
#23220 Fixed an issue where synchronization would fail when using CSV User,Department,Title Synchronization as one setting. 4.0.0
#23292 Fixed the problem that the access AP information of the node remains even if the wireless LAN AP is deleted. 4.0.0
#23306 Fixed the problem that the domain information is updated with the information collected from the network sensor even though the agent exists in the node. 4.0.0
#23310 Fixed an issue where the total number of agents in the dashboard overview widget and the search results in node search did not match. 5.0.22
#23404 Fixed the problem that when deleting a node that does not belong to the network sensor management target IP, it is not excluded from the node group. 3.5.0
#23426 Fixed the problem that the number of devices in the web console license information and the number of nodes in the node list displayed when clicked do not match. 5.0.26
#23460 Fixed a problem that Internet connection sharing was not released through the Windows Agent interface control plug-in. 4.1.0, 5.0.0
#23489 Fixed the problem that the node platform widget link does not work when the node platform name contains an apostrophe. 5.0.20
#23761 Fixed an issue where file management/file distribution actions could not be assigned in the node policy creation wizard. 5.0.36
#23780 Fixed an issue where the values were not saved as values written in CSV when importing users to CSV in the User Management menu. 5.0.41


Key Type Description Affects Version/s Fixed Version/s
#23639 Improvement Improved the problem that OS-related images are not displayed on the policy menu node group list screen.   5.0.43