Genian NAC v5.0.45 Release Notes (FEB 2022)

Release Date: 2022/2/08, Last Updated: 2022/2/08

Description The last (R) mark is an additional release patch item.

New Features and Improvements

Key Description
#23825 Added a function to operate an action with the last policy received when the Linux Agent center connection fails.
#23953 Added the ability to renew a self-sign certificate and register an externally generated SSL certificate in the web console.
#23221 Added Chrome and Edge control options to Windows Agent Control Web Browser Settings plugin
#23772 Added Linux Agent interface control plugin.
#22074 Improved to support more than one authentication information provider (IdP) when integrating SAML authentication.
#23468 Improvements have been made so that other webhook APIs can be called using the result of the webhook API call.
#23644 Improved filesystem checking on GenianOS system boot.
#23749 Added Linux Agent TmaxGooroomOS latest update check plugin.
#23752 Added new distribution and version information in Linux Agent.
#23865 Added Windows Agent hostname authentication custom plugin.
#23869 Added Windows Agent HTTP URL Authentication custom plugin.
#23880 Improved agent abnormal behavior when changing Linux Agent OS login user or logout/re-login.
#23943 Improved the part where Korean is displayed when creating an English audit log in the web console.
#23945 Added a plug-in to control the security options of the Edge browser in Windows Agent.
#23964 Improvements have been made to display the virtual type in the connection method in the Web console node information > interface information.
#24010 When changing the network sensor name in the web console, the changed sensor name in the list is applied immediately.
#22690 Improved the part where all audit logs are displayed even when the manager node management scope is restricted.
#23189 Added screensaver and desktop control options to the macOS Agent Appearance and Personalization plugin.
#23817 When using the IP application system email step-by-step approval, the step-by-step approver sends an email to other administrators when the application is approved.
#23918 Improvements have been made so that more than one node action of the same single plugin cannot be assigned to a node policy.
#23980 Improved the ability to send query reports to multiple emails in the audit report.
#24082 The REST API /nodes/{nodeid}/tags API has been improved so that node/MAC/user tags can also be viewed.
#24165 Improvements have been made so that HTML tags are not displayed on the recipient screen when HTML tags are entered in the Web console instance message.
#24172 Improvements have been made so that Tomcat version information is not exposed when Bad Request (400) occurs when accessing the web console.
#23653 In case of RADIUS CoA interworking with Cisco Switch, it has been improved so that only minimal information is transmitted through CoA.
#23961 Improvements have been made so that virtual interfaces are not included in the wired/wireless interface conditions among the node group conditions.
#24302 A macro has been added so that encryption method MD5 (MD5B64) can be used when interworking with webhook authentication.
#23802 Improvements have been made to distinguish between patches and upgrades when software update guidance is provided.
#21279 Improved to be able to attach files when sending email through AWS SES.

Issues Fixed

Key Description Affects Version/s
#23819 Fixed an issue where the tomcat webapps folder did not exist, preventing setting up a custom web application. 5.0.40
#23835 Fixed an issue where the Add Equipment Lifecycle field could not be used as a condition in the node group condition item. 5.0.40 4.0.147
#23894 Fixed an error that occurred if the date limit of the end of use of additional fields was not set in the IP application form. 5.0.43
#23917 Fixed an issue where Virtual IP settings were not being applied in the Web Console Sensor IP Settings page. 5.0.41
#23923 Fixed an issue where the node information was deleted by collecting information without a value from the Windows Agent information collection plug-in. 5.0.0
#23925 Fixed an issue where packets forwarded from the Alias IP network sensor were forwarded to the Default Gateway. 5.0.42
#23949 Fixed an issue where an approval request email was sent even if visitor email approval was not used when registering a new user. 4.0.M8
#23950 Fixed the problem that synchronization fails in case of HTTPS URL when information synchronization DB type is set to CSV and the file location is used as URL. 4.0.5 4.0.147
#23952 Fixed a problem where automatic login to the IP application system was not possible with HTTP protocol. 5.0.27
#23962 Fixed an issue where control policy permissions were not assigned to control policy if the object name contained special characters. 4.0.M8
#23997 Fixed an error that occurred when creating a network object in the permission object setting screen and moving back to the network object editing screen. 5.0.25
#24002 Fixed an issue where the Linux Agent tray icon was not displayed. 5.0.42
#24005 Fixed an issue that prevented the file distribution plugin from downloading files when using HTTPS URLs. 5.0.0 4.0.147
#24011 Fixed an issue where RADIUS authentication would fail if the number of RADIUS Attributes is large. 5.0.24
#24071 Fixed the problem that the CWP new user registration screen did not display even if the user authentication option was used. 5.0.42
#24110 Fixed an issue where incorrect authentication values were linked with the Smart NAC alternative authentication plugin. 5.0.41
#24136 Fixed the problem that incorrect information was displayed in the node group item setting value when there is in the node action name. 5.0.14
#24113 Fixed a problem where menu settings were not processed when modifying the web console default management role 5.0.0
#24120 Fixed an error that occurred when creating a service role for API integration. 5.0.42
#24139 Fixed an issue that incorrectly expressed the total amount of storage devices collected by Windows Agent. 5.0.0 4.0.147
#24147 Fixed an issue where is displayed in the tooltip of the audit log description column. 5.0.22
#24153 Fixed the problem that incorrect text is displayed in the background when is present in the IP management matrix view tooltip. 4.0.12
#24194 Fixed an issue where user groups were not renewed when user passwords were updated in plain text. 5.0.44
#23855 When registering a switch manually, the sensor tree switch information is updated if there is a switch IP of a different band in the same switch. 4.0.117 5.0.14
#24092 Fixed the problem that the input items did not change depending on the selection when setting the node group condition. 5.0.20
#24188 Fixed the problem that the screen does not move when processing the application for priority use approval in the mail approval waiting item in the IP application system. 5.0.13
#24254 Fixed an issue where the winbindd daemon would not shut down when the RADIUS daemon was shut down. 5.0.35 4.0.147
#24261 Policy Server HA Configuration Fixed an issue where the device type of the Virtual IP node was registered as a node other than the Policy Server. 5.0.40 4.0.148
#24268 Fixed an issue where automatic generation of audit log node snapshot reports failed.  
#24350 Fixed the problem that the setting UI was not displayed normally when the execution type of the node action being used was changed.  
#24364 Fixed a problem where multiple IP collision protection settings were not available in the web console. 5.0.42
#24434 Fixed the problem that the contents were not saved even if the node type was specified on the node detail screen. 5.0.44
#24467 Fixed a problem that the column was not displayed in the list when adding a rank column in the node management list. 5.0.33
#24479 Fixed an issue where the license exceeded text was displayed even if the license was not exceeded in certain environments. 4.1.M3 5.0.42
#24429 Fixed an issue that took a long time to complete information synchronization 5.0.23
#24415 Fixed an issue where a Lib error occurred when synchronizing information with Oracle 11g r2 or later.