Genian NAC v5.0.46 Release Notes (APR 2022)

Release Date: 2022/4/15, Last Updated: 2022/5/3 Description The last (R) mark is an additional release patch item.

New Features and Improvements

Key Description
#17595 Added macOS Agent Device Control plugin.
#21279 Improved to be able to attach files when sending email through AWS SES.
#24178 Added Clam Antivirus information collection for Linux Agent.
#24319 Added function to handle re-registration event when Linux Agent node is deleted.
#24262 Improved the problem that mail is delivered to all users when using the Forward All option after not specifying an approver when filling out an IP application.
#24263 Improved to display the authentication user domain and authentication source in the audit log when linking SMTP authentication.
#24267 Improved to be able to set 3 or more authentication servers in Agentless AD SSO environment.
#24278 Improved to be able to change the plugin of node action even if node action is assigned as condition to node group.
#24281 The commands supported in the web console action selection menu have been improved so that they are also available as REST APIs.
#24294 Improved so when the RADIUS daemon is started, ADSDOMAINNAME not defined is not displayed when configuration is valid.
#24312 When using syslog TLS, it has been improved to use only 1.1 or later.
#24316 Added a method to delete setting values ​​by matching IP address and HOST in Windows Agent DNS control plug-in.
#24330 Improvements have been made so that the PentaSSO extension plug-in can periodically update the authentication status.
#24458 Improved so that the wireless connection manager window is not displayed if there is no AP that can be connected.
#24469 It has been improved so that the DHCP node IP update function can be used even when registering a node through a switch.
#24493 Added ESET Endpoint Security Antivirus information collection for macOS Agent.
#24340 Improvements have been made to enable OTP and Webhook 2FA authentication in the macOS Agent agent authentication window.
#24301 Improved so that passwords are not stored in plain text when setting up SFTP for backup.
#24545 When requesting an IP within a large subnet, added the sensor's subnet parameter to the REST API so that an unused IP in the subnet can be assigned.

Issues Fixed

Key Description Affects Version/s
#22689 Fixed a problem where the web console device name was not changed when changing the hostname in CLI. 5.0.33
#23710 Fixed an issue where authentication could not be canceled when using the authentication restriction function in the macOS Agent authentication window. 5.0.17
#24181 Fixed an issue where the agent deletion method option did not apply in macOS Agent. 5.0.41
#24187 Fixed the problem that the hide option does not work when using wired in Windows Agent Wireless Connection Manager. 5.0.0
#24241 Fixed the problem of detecting/registering the network sensor as a normal node when there are multiple network sensors in the same band. 5.0.46
#24244 Fixed an issue where an error message was displayed during backup in the HA configuration policy server. 4.0.119 5.0.16
#24245 Fixed an issue where Windows Agent was displayed as an internal network in the tray icon tooltip when it was unable to communicate with the policy server. 5.0.43
#24266 Fixed the problem that the sensing subject of MAC/IP Clone information detected by the agent is displayed as the sensor. 5.0.46
#24290 Fixed an issue where a warning message was displayed in the sysinspect script used when checking NAC. 4.0.120 5.0.17
#24300 Fixed the problem that the Run after authentication option did not work when using the file path macro in the Windows Agent Authentication Window plug-in. 5.0.0
#24303 Fixed an issue with the IP/MAC node group CSV header if it is entered in uppercase. 5.0.43
#24314 Fixed an issue where with the display of IP information when inquiring the target node access authentication page (CWP) in the node details. 5.0.40
#24327 Fixed an issue where an error page was displayed when adding a dashboard widget audit log filter. 4.0.13 5.0.46
#24329 Fixed an issue where tags were displayed on the Windows Agent notification message and notice screen. 5.0.42(LTS) 5.0.46
#24338 Fixed the problem that the debug log was repeatedly generated when controlling the auto-run option in the Windows Agent Security Settings plug-in. 4.0.109 5.0.6
#24360 Fixed the problem that the location of the node is included in the policy server even after the agent sensor is installed on a node that does not have a management sensor. 5.0.40
#24406 Fixed an issue where automatic approval did not work when applying for a new IP through REST API. 5.0.8
#24407 Fixed an issue where the same IP was batch approved when there was not enough allocated IP when batch approval of new IP applications. 4.1.4 5.0.46
#24410 Fixed an issue where an error screen was displayed when using the user authentication component in the IP management message priority setting and the CWP design template. 4.0.143 5.0.40
#24418 Fixed the problem where the agent authentication window shutdown prohibition could be terminated by an external program. 4.1.0 5.0.0
#24424 Fixed an issue where the return button on the node detail screen would intermittently display a different screen. 5.0.31
#24430 Fixed an issue where the CWP Standard template was applied to IP Management Block nodes when using IP Management message preference. 5.0.14
#24496 Fixed an issue where the hostname of the node collected by the agent was changed by the sensor. 4.0.25 5.0.46
#24301 Fixed an issue where LOGs were not sent when backing up with SFTP. 5.0.45
#24563 Fixed an issue where some plugins with a cycle would work even if the action condition was unsatisfactory. 5.0.0
#24577 Fixed an issue where some plug-ins with cycles worked even when macOS action conditions were unsatisfactory. 5.0.0
#24631 Fixed the problem that there is no assigned IP even though there is an unassigned IP when bulk approval of new IP applications. 5.0.46
#24660 Fixed an issue where a node's platform information was changed from Microsoft Windows to Unknown Platform. 5.0.42(LTS) 5.0.45