Genian NAC v5.0.47 Release Notes (Jun 2022)

Release Date: 2022/6/15, Last Updated: 2022/6/29 Description The last (R) mark is an additional release patch item.

New Features and Improvements

Key Description
#24156 Added feature making it possible to set prohibit changes when registering csv nodes in bulk.
#24450 Added agent deletion function through Linux Agent authentication code.
#24451 Added macOS Network Shared Folders plugin.
#24464 Added installation time information to macOS Agent operating system information collection plug-in.
#24507 Added new platform information for Linux Agent.
#24545 Added a subnet parameter to the sensor which made it possible for the unused IPs to be assigned in a large subent.
#24616 Added integrity verification function for Linux Agent policy and management server information.
#24924 Added authentication user ID parameter to the Get node list (GET /nodes) API of REST API.
#25062 Added macOS Ventura support to MAC Agent.
#23947 Improved the Agent by addressing vulnerabilities identified with Secure coding check.
#24433 Improved Linux Agent so it checks for OS update using update item instead of version name.
#24463 Improved TLS communication in Linux agent by changing the cipher suite used.
#24548 Improvements have been made so that node information is displayed as a tooltip in the IP link of the audit log.
#24562 Improved the agent to use the default web browser.
#24633 Improvement made to allow units other than time units when setting the node group condition.
#24638 Improved log filter administrator activity and IP conflict alarm transmission check value to default off.
#24643 Improved to output the node list in terms of widget data criteria (node/equipment).
#24728 Improved to encrypt button link parameters in the IP use application form.
#24832 Improvements have been made so that unused IPs are also displayed when selecting all nodes in the tree on the screen.
#24918 Improved process for assigning an IP to a user so that the IP is limited to the management IP control range option.

Issues Fixed

Key Description Affects Version/s
#21894 Fixed an issue where a node with an unclassified node type would not be deleted when the IP/MAC usage timeout expires. 5.0.31
#24449 Fixed an issue that caused the button to become unresponsive in the Uninstall a Program plugin. 5.0.42(LTS)
#24502 Fixed the problem that the value of the option that has not been changed is corrected when the policy is modifieda. 5.0.44
#24523 Fixed an issue where certain columns were missing when exporting users. 4.0.7 5.0.42(LTS)
#24554 Fixed the problem that the paging output option was restored when the condition was deleted on the node group detail screen. 5.0.12
#24560 Fixed an issue where files in the C:program Files (x86) path could not be executed. 5.0.0
#24568 Fixed an issue where allowed APs were blocked by WLAN control.  
#24592 Fixed an issue where related data did not appear on the page moved to the button created when system log collection was completed. 5.0.40
#24608 Fixed an error in the web console smart help and linked DOCS documentation. 5.0.43
#24620 Fixed an issue where the node list was not displayed when viewing the filter and status menus. 5.0.42(LTS)
#24626 Fixed an error log output when clicking the close list button on the node detail screen. 5.0.38
#24628 Fixed an issue where the integrity check function did not work properly in macOS Agent. 5.0.27
#24630 Fixed the problem that the tooltip of the control policy column of the node registered in the center was displayed incorrectly. 5.0.27
#24645 Fixed an issue where editing of the management view was not reflected in the status & filter tag screen. 5.0.9
#24649 Fixed blocking malfunction by the Windows Firewall control plug-in when multiple rights objects were registered in the control policy. 5.0.28
#24663 Fixed the problem were the condition setting malfunctions when a comma is present in the condition setting of a node action. 5.0.0
#24665 Fixed the problem that free space on the local disk does not work when performing a backup through an external storage device. 4.0.19 4.0.149
#24685 Fixed an issue where blocked IPs set to be used were assigned when using the Allow Blocked IPs option. 4.0.12
#24701 Fixed problem were the external authentication linkage function does not work when the BASE64 encryption method is used. 5.0.0
#24707 Fixed an issue where the node list was not displayed when moving. 5.0.33
#24729 Fixed a problem where an error occurred when approval/rejection of one or more items were done individually. 4.0.113 5.0.10 4.0.149
#24733 Fixed the problem that the action policy was not executed when there are many script contents to be executed. 4.0.46 5.0.0 4.0.149
#24767 Fixed the problem that the domain information of the node was not updated by NETBIOS scan. 4.0
#24791 Fixed so that when the management IP control range is set only those IPs will be listed in the Matrix view.  
#24797 Fixed a collection error due to incorrect data format when registering a switch through SNMP information collection. 4.1.4
#24802 Fixed the problem that the real-time monitoring forced control option for V3 vaccine did not work. 5.0.0
#24808 Fixed an issue where the HTTPD daemon was duplicated when restarted and left an audit log. 4.0.149
#24846 Fixed an issue where the IP list of the IP use application was not displayed as the IP allocation band set for the purpose. 5.0.13
#24897 Fixed a database error in macOS related settings where an audit log would occur. 5.0.45
#24905 Fixed the problem where the node is changed to the UP state when the agent is in the Down state. 5.0.47