Genian NAC v5.0.48 Release Notes (AUG 2022)

Release Date: 2022/08/15, Last Updated: 2022/08/15 Description The last (R) mark is an additional release patch item.

New Features and Improvements

Key Description
#21428 Added an option to macOS Agent to apply policy application function according to the internal/external state.
#22808 Added node group condition function using extended node type.
#24183 Ported the NAC sensor module to the XGate UTM equipment, added a function that operates in the same way as the NAC sensor in UTM.
#24600 Added a function to specify the start time of user's account activation.
#24664 Added digital signature function to ensure the integrity of files transferred from the Linux Agent to the server.
#24768 Added the ability to kill Linux Agent process plug-in.
#24786 Automatically removed leading and trailing spaces in the data-server username in the local.conf file that was causing the web console not to start
#24816 Added a function to automatically move the cursor to the password input box when an ID is entered as long as the length set in the Windows Agent authentication window.
#24876 Streamlined user application menu by adding the MAC/device authentication restriction processing option instead of having to go to admin settings.
#24879 Added latest platform version information to Linux Agent.
#24894 Improved transmitting UDP event packets from NAC process when the size is larger than the MTU.
#24921 Enable connection to the LDAP server using a certificate when performing LDAP authentication interlocking and information synchronization.

Issues Fixed

Key Description Affects Version/s
#24625 Fixed an issue where an agent version upgrade was treated as a new addition rather than an update to the agent software list. 4.0
#24725 Fixed an issue where the Linux Agent was not displayed on Debian11 based platforms. 5.0.0
#24741 Fixed an issue where the detailed screen was not displayed when moving between information among node details. 5.0.38
#24784 Fixed an issue where the result of the IP application form was displayed in a language other than the one being used. 5.0.11
#24792 Fixed an issue where the Linux Agent Authentication Allow MAC policy function did not work. 5.0.41
#24798 Fixed an issue where the node's authenticated user was not found when syncing Google G Suite information and SAML authentication. 5.0.19
#24811 Fixed an issue where the old value is refilled when saving user ID/PW is canceled and saved again in Windows Agent Wireless Connection Manager. 5.0.0
#24835 Fixed an issue where the MAC information was stored in lowercase letters when the agent registered the node.  
#24845 Fixed an issue where an error appeared due to incorrect data format when calling the IP application system automatic rejection processing API. 5.0.14 4.0.149
#24867 Fixed an issue where activating the Printer Shared Folder Control option did not result in control. 4.0.125 5.0.22 4.0.150
#24939 Fixed an issue where synchronization was not possible due to incorrect application of the paging parameter value when synchronizing information through REST API Server. 5.0.38
#24981 Fixed an issue where a virtual interface (Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface) on the PC was falsely detected as a MAC/IP Clone. 5.0.0