Genian NAC v5.0.49 Release Notes (OCT 2022)

Release Date: 2022/10/15, Last Updated: 2022/10/17 Description The last (R) mark is an additional release patch item.

New Features and Improvements

Key Description
#24662 Improved the node command execution REST API URL command so that it can be checked as a log.
#24693 Added the ability to add a lock screen background image when unauthenticated and using the lock screen option.
#24903 Added search feature to Node Group Condition settings section.
#24907 Added ability to resize columns in the node list.
#24950 Added feature to provide 'EAP-TTLS' profile through Wired Connection Manager.
#24966 Improved so that when moving the node list through a link on the policy management screen, the output is from the node point instead of the device point of view.
#24975 Improved loading speed when viewing Excel exported files.
#25001 Added ability to search for users by department name on the Users screen.
#25025 Added feature to provide 'EAP-TTLS' profile through Wireless Connection Manager.
#25046 Improved so the contents of the permission information can be output together with the Kernel debug function.
#25054 Added Agent full log compression for error reporting on Linux Agent.
#25058 Added a function to record parameter contents transmitted from interworking equipment in catalina.out when there is interworking through NAC and REST API.
#25059 Improved to display additional information in preview for uploaded certificate file.
#25078 Improved lock screen agent authentication window to lock the screen even when the monitor is extended.
#25089 Improved the manual link function so it can be provided according to the version and language.
#25093 Improved DHCP node IP renewal option help text.
#25100 Removed unnecessary port related warning logs when mysql client was running on a server where mysql was not enabled.
#25112 Added agent deletion options to Linux Agent.
#25137 Added ARP Management Actions Plugin feature to Linux Agent.
#25138 Added feature to provide result message of the Windows update action to GnPMS execution results.
#25160 Added Sophos Endpoint Agent antivirus information collection path.
#25164 Improved audit log where if the owner is reset for every authentication to log only when the information is updated.

Issues Fixed

Key Description Affects Version/s
#24676 Fixed an issue where the administrator session was maintained when using the REST API and a duplicate login warning window was output when logging in from the management console. 5.0.14
#24914 Fixed an issue where Windows patch files uploaded via Genian Syncer could not be downloaded. 5.0.44
#24947 Fixed an issue where the password last changed time column was not modified when calling the user edit API. 5.0.43 4.0.151
#24998 Fixed an issue where synchronization of department information and job title information would not be synchronized if the data source classification value setting was changed. 4.0.0
#25016 Fixed an issue where the input text box and items that did not meet the conditions were displayed in the condition output of the vaccine information of the new node group. 5.0.31
#25029 Fixed an issue where the message did not pop up when blocking WLAN control in macOS Agent. 5.0.27
#25033 Fixed an issue where the private certificate was displayed on the client even after RADIUS EAP-TLS certificate enrollment and authentication failed on Windows 11. 5.0.42(LTS)
#25044 Fixed an issue that caused Genian Software file uploads to appear to hang when finished. 5.0.2
#25048 Fixed an issue where the tray icon was intermittently not displaying on the Linux Agent. 5.0.42(LTS)
#25074 Fixed an issue where the file was not updated when upgrading an image in a closed network causing the function did not work properly. 5.0.0
#25080 Fixed an issue where synchronization was not performed at the time of information synchronization execution cycle when changing settings in the management console. 4.0.151
#25091 Fixed an issue where the node list search filter did not work when clicking the audit log after assigning a specific management role. 4.0.151
#25115 Fixed an issue where the IP address column was not removed from the IP management application result list in the management console. 5.0.10
#25130 Fixed an issue where the dialog box created via the menu button in GnMonitor would not close, making it impossible to fix. 5.0.0
#25136 Fixed an issue where the count of the Satisfied/Dissatisfied column on the node management screen was output differently from the action execution result on the node information detail screen. 5.0.33
#25163 Fixed an issue where vaccine information was not immediately collected from nodes that were deleted and newly registered again. 5.0.0
#25218 Fixed an issue where a loading bar would be displayed when clicking on the right side of the Regulations and Permissions labels on the Control Policy screen. 5.0.46
#25222 Fixed an issue that caused intermittent Database Access errors when using the Linux Agent for a long time. 5.0.47