Genian NAC v5.0.53 Release Notes (APR 2023)

Release Date: 2023/3/31, Last Updated: 2023/4/20 Description The last (R) mark is an additional release patch item.

New Features and Improvements

Key Description
#24094 Added detailed failure reason to the sensor upgrade log.
#24755 Added Genian NAC update notice to the web management console.
#24938 Improved so newly created node reports reflect the data at the time of creation.
#25269 Improved RADIUS policy to now be able to use username as an additional attribute value.
#25280 Added User creation wizard to more easily create or clone existing user profiles.
#25337 Added option to search only logs that occurred at a specific time to log search filters.
#25506 Improved macOS Agent operation when switching local user accounts.
#25517 Improved so you can now sort columns in the node list that you previously could not.
#25550 Added info popup to Agent Actions section that lists usage and also added ability to delete policy from the Agent Action page.
#25564 Added an option to renew or register a node when the Linux Agent and user's network interface information has changed.
#25567 Improved Linux Agent network information collection plugin to collect all multi-input IP and DNS settings information.
#25630 Improved Log search to allow bulk call to webhook.
#25639 When changing the ssh port in the CLI environment, it has been improved so that it is immediately reflected in the database.
#25704 Improved so CWP redirects are possible even when blocked devices are using a proxy.
#25710 Added the syslog-ng daemon to the monitoring list of procmond so that it can be restarted when shutting down.
#25739 Added option to add user management roles when registering users in bulk.
#25752 Improved Memory and Monitor widget output.
#25860 Improved so that when a tag is added the tag descriptions are also recorded in the log.
#25874 Changed the API Status logging cycle from 1 day to 10 minutes to more accurately analyze the policy server's usage status and timing.
#25891 Added option to the Windows Agent Network info Collection plug-in to collect only ports that are open for a certain period of time.
#25928 Improved Genian Syncer's patch collection to only display currently supported products.
#25990 Added support for User additions/updates through SAML Assertion Attribute.
#25994 Improved to collect USB device and Bluetooth information through macOS Agent hardware information collection plug-ins.
#26014 Improved Linux Agent by updating the installation path to better support GoormOS 3rd party app management.

Issues Fixed

Key Description Affects Version/s
#24674 Fixed an issue that was causing an error message to appear when assigning a department to a device in the CWP settings when using SSL. 5.0.42
#25604 Fixed an issue where the Agent installation icon was not displayed if CWP agent installation message was deleted. 3.0 4.0.153
#25760 Fixed an issue where a new node policy and IP policy were not applied when registering an IP reserved node through the API. 5.0.13
#25797 Fixed an issue where that once a node was moved to a node basket the Empty All Node Basket function was not working. 5.0.44
#25817 Fixed an issue where the Agent Version Status widget search was adding incorrect search conditions when moving the node list. 5.0.26
#25846 Fixed an issue where the 'Automatically include known gateways' setting was not being applied to Ad Hoc Network connection an flagging it as a risk. 5.0.21
#25936 Fixed an issue where the 'operate regardless of the management role permission' setting in the Restrict Node Management Commands section was not working. 5.0.44
#25944 Fixed an issue where software updates in the web console were displaying a version lower than the agent's current version. 5.0.20
#25978 Fixed an issue that was causing a password length error to display in the Switch details screen, even though the password has not been changed. 5.0.17
#25979 Fixed an issue where the existing Radius policy was not applied when creating a new policy. 5.0.23
#25998 Fixed an issue where the Windows Agent Password Validation plug-in was changing the password change time for some accounts every time it was checked and reported. 4.0 5.0.0
#26005 Fixed an issue where files with Korean paths were not uploading when using Genian Syncer. 4.0.0 5.0.0
#26008 Fixed an issue that prevented copying of policies from the node group details screen. 5.0.31
#26019 Fixed an issue where international SMS transmissions would fail if {_FULLMSG} was included in the search filter alarm. 6.0.0
#26020 Fixed an issue where Printer Info plugin was data without content resulting in empty fields and inaccurate quantities. 4.1.0 5.0.0
#26035 Fixed an issue where an error page would appear when clicking download image in the IP usage application details view. 5.0.42(LTS) 5.0.50(LTS)
#26040 Fixed an issue were an error message would appear in the Node Change Management page if all nodes were selected. 5.0.26
#26063 Fixed an issue where the CWP's automatic login function was not working correctly. 4.0.153 5.0.50(LTS)
#26106 Fixed an issue in the Windows Agent Network Shared Folder action would still be sharing after allotted time had expired. 5.0.42(LTS) 5.0.50(LTS)
#26130 Fixed an issue were the macOS Agent was crashing when the hardware information collection plug-in was used. 5.0.38
#26137 Fixed an issue that caused the page preview in the CWP design template detailed settings not to load. 5.0.42(LTS) 5.0.50(LTS)
#26160 Fixed an issue that would cause the integrity check to fail or not work correctly when downloading files using WGET. 5.0.0
#26170 Fixed an issue in the English CWP design template where using special characters in names would cause problems adding/deleting components. 5.0.48
#26219 Fixed an issue where and error would occur when copying a policy if a label was set as an action. 4.0.113 5.0.10
#26242 Fixed an issue where Linux agents installed on Gooroom OS were displaying Windows icons in the node list in the WEB console. 5.0.50(LTS)
#34807 Fixed an issue where auto-generated dashboard reports would show a blank screen instead of downloading. 5.0.50(LTS)