Genian NAC v5.0.55 Release Notes (AUG 2023)

Release Date: 2023/8/7, Last Updated: 2023/8/7 Description The last (R) mark is an additional release patch item.

New Features and Improvements

Key Description
#22197 Added OAUTH 2.0 ROPC RADIUS integration for use in 802.1x environments.
#25072 Improved the tag assignment method for nodes to a table append method.
#25540 Changed the validity of Self-sign CA certificates distributed by agents to 10 years.
#25921 Improved Linux Agent to compress agent logs on the 10th of every month and delete compressed logs after one year.
#25940 Improved Linux Agent package authoring tool to allow agents to be installed in offline environments.
#26031 Added motherboard manufacturer, CPU name, and CPU manufacturer to the node group conditions.
#26037 Improved user application detail screen to include display pop-up showing the reason for rejection.
#26043 Improved SNMP settings to be able to select authentication and encryption methods.
#26105 Improved readability of node management operation state chart by adjusting the column width.
#26123 Improved the user account application approval email to display only the date and time/minute of the application time.
#26167 Improved synchronization of Postgres DB information by upgrading to PostgreSQL 10 version.
#26183 Improved to prevent the end of use date from defaulting to the same day when applying for IP.
#26186 Improved the audit log message Event key mismatch by adding Authentication key validity log type in the operating system update.
#26192 Added the ability to create SAML Service Provider Metadata.
#26329 Added the ability to force off the Show Windows logon screen setting when controlling the Windows Agent screensaver.
#26359 Added ability to force Windows Agent to disable the Wi-Fi random hardware address option in Windows.
#26462 Improved web console login screen browser Title bar to not expose customer information.
#26479 Improved to unblock blocked nodes when shutting down the device through the Network Sensor reboot/poweroff command.
#26563 Improved to allow the sensor to manage alias IP bands without setting the alias IP on the network sensor interface.
#26627 Improved to prevent CWP Web from re-displaying the authentication screen after agent authentication in the CWP Web page output state.
#26644 Changed the Install Center CA certificate option to Default ON and change how often it is performed.
#26729 Added a setting to collect AhnLab V3 information when using the macOS Agent antivirus information collection plugin.
#26792 Improved validation for events received by Policy Server.
#26807 Improved the way Policy Server/Agent events are handled to Push Notification.

Issues Fixed

Key Description Affects Version/s
#25148 Fixed an issue where the web console smart help messages were not linking to the related page from some menus. 5.0.49
#26027 Fixed an issue where the Do Not Modify (IPM) icon was not displayed when registering as a new node after setting Do Not Modify to an unused IP. 4.0.8 5.0.0
#26097 Fixed an issue where export didn't not work if the Active value of a sensor was abnormal in the web console node management menu. 4.0.2
#26181 Fixed an issue where the tray icon would not display when switching the Linux Agent terminal to an already logged in user in a multi-user environment. 5.0.41
#26194 Fixed an issue where setting the HTTP/HTTPS port change in a multisensor environment would add an unnecessary IPTALBES rule. 4.0.17
#26204 Fixed an issue that caused a read failed error debug before running centerd when installing the policy server for the first time. 4.0.152 5.0.42(LTS)
#26250 Fixed an issue with the Linux Agent network information collection plugin that caused collections to be missed if an interface with no name or the same name exists. 5.0.51
#26272 Fixed an issue where authentication was not processed correctly if authenticating with account@domain in the SMTP authentication linking environment. 5.0.53
#26288 Fixed an issue where checkboxes were displayed in the list UI after modifying the web console custom field. 4.0.11
#26317 Fixed an issue that caused errors when adding the same field to the user information input field and the new application input field in the IP application form for visitors. 4.0.11
#26321 Fixed an issue where the OS type combo box in the Web Console Device Group screen was intermittently displayed as an empty value. 5.0.0
#26335 Fixed an issue where the tray icon was intermittently not displayed when switching Windows Agent logon users. 5.0.0
#26409 Fixed an issue in Linux Agent were Agent UI was not working due to failure to collect login user information. 5.0.55
#26444 Fixed an issue where the software settings window of the Web console node group condition could not search for Korean. 5.0.35
#26497 Fixed an issue in the Windows Agent Wireless Connection Manager where the wireless profile (EAP-TTLS) would not connect when server certificate verification was turned off. 5.0.49
#26551 Fixed an issue where only the result of the last condition were displayed when checking macOS Agent multiple action performance conditions. 5.0.21
#26566 Fixed an issue where after updating node information, the changed information was not updated or displayed when moving tabs. 5.0.50
#26606 Fixed an issue in the macOS authentication window where login was not performed when entering a single key. 5.0.15
#26643 Fixed an issue where the Windows Agent self-authentication window action policy was removed and the previously displayed authentication window was still displayed. 5.0.0
#26687 Fixed an issue where the time in the Web Console Node Management Last Action Time column was not displaying in the administrator's time zone. 4.1.M4
#26901 Fixed an issue where building with an incorrect endianness prevented policy updates. 5.0.48
#26930 Fixed an issue where the search filter would not work when the audit log alarm transmission failure message was disabled. 5.0.39