Genian NAC v5.0.57 Release Notes (SEP 2023)

Release Date: 2023/9/18, Last Updated: 2023/9/18 Description The last (R) mark is an additional release patch item.

New Features and Improvements

Key Description
#25533 Added the option to delete cache data stored on the policy server under proxy service configuration.
#25714 Added option to set security pledge expiration date.
#26284 Improved self-signed certificates in products to auto-renew.
#26312 Improved node bulk registering process to better handle csv duplicate entires.
#26371 Added the ability to periodically check for deadlocks and restart the sensor daemon.
#26407 Improved the display of policy servers in the IP management matrix view.
#26410 Improved error messaging in case error occurred in SP after SAML authentication-linked Idp authentication.
#26412 Improved to switch to login screen when administrator session is forcibly terminated.
#26468 Improved the number of list output per page of the node-detailed software/history management list to be changeable.
#26473 Improved to validate input values when setting up SNMP Agent.
#26491 Improved to output the contents of the web console node management description column to match the column size.
#26544 Applied the latest GNOS kernel patch (5.10.181)
#26555 Added gnlogin command to be able to check IP information cached in sensor when using FQDN in network object.
#26640 Improved so when continuing to add node group conditions the previous item will be selected.
#26653 Improved so when changing the properties of a web console node, only one item in the same category can be selected.
#26665 Added 'Available OS Type' option when assigning agent action when creating policy.
#26668 Improved the Enable CWP SSL preference to be On by default.
#26734 Improved the error message displayed when an incorrect date is entered for the useful life start date/end date in the web console equipment properties.
#26753 Improved the error message displayed when entering a semicolon at the end of a query string in the web console query report.
#26801 Improved the output of the primefaces default system error in the web console.
#26803 Added audit logs for shared folder control via plugins.
#26827 Improved the popup message of the Start Backup Now button in the web console.
#26875 Improved message output to CWP when hostname restrictions are in effect.

Issues Fixed

Key Description Affects Version/s
#25759 Fixed an issue in Korean version were an English message would display when entering values that did not fit format in calendar.  
#25815 Fixed an issue where there was no response when approving and rejecting IP new/returning applications while the approval popup was enabled. 4.1.3
#26235 Fixed an issue were macOS Agent failed to get the motherboard information of new model (M2 series) macs. 5.0.41
#26369 Fixed an issue where the date display was incorrect when searching for the previous year in the Node/Log/Wireless LAN report. 5.0.34
#26447 Fixed an issue that caused web console to lag when performing the reapply node policy command for a specific node. 5.0.0
#26463 Fixed an issue where syscollect, a system information collection tool, might not work in a closed network environment. 5.0.0
#26464 Fixed an issue that caused images to appear broken when uploading and previewing images from the web console announcement creation screen. 5.0.0
#26487 Fixed an issue where an error page was displayed when there was no value in the CVE detail view. 5.0.24
#26529 Fixed an issue that caused an error page due to incorrect sensor's IP/MASK setting in the Network Sensor IP Utilization Top status widget. 4.1.4
#26558 Fixed an issue where the network address of a network object was not modified when only the TTL of the FQDN option was modified. 5.0.19
#26560 Fixed an issue where the search was not performed when AND was present in the search term in the node management screen. 5.0.38
#26566 Fixed an issue where the changed information was not updated or displayed when moving tabs after updating node information. 5.0.50
#26573 Fixed an issue with the RestAPI if import data in a language different from the session, the specified language setting parameter name is incorrect. 5.0.0
#26578 Fix an issue where the UserID and Department Name columns were blank in the IP Usage Application result search. 4.1.4
#26586 Fixed an issue where the Apply Change Policy button was not output when copying a node group and was applied immediately. 5.0.31
#26605 Fixed an issue where some information was missing from the audit log to the wireless LAN AP detection/wireless LAN AP information change log. 5.0.0
#26610 Fixed an issue where English was displayed on agent installation regardless of the user's default locale setting. 5.0.0
#26652 Fixed an issue where the IP start/end time of the data imported through node attribute import in the node management list was 9 hours different from the entered value. 4.1.M4
#26673 Fixed an issue where the MAC was blocked when the IP usage time expired for a node set to Do not change (designated IP subnet) if the new node policy MAC was blocked. 4.1.M5
#26680 Fixed an issue where the last line word of the password blacklist file was not restricted. 4.0.106
#26683 Fixed an issue where entering a value that does not match the form of the search criteria in the search bar of the web console node detail screen would result in an error. 5.0.22
#26689 Fixed an issue where the node IP was incorrectly recorded in the debug recorded when removing the Do Not Change setting. 5.0.43
#26692 Fixed an issue in the webconsole system management software where clicking the upload button without selecting a file would not end the process. 5.0.2
#26751 Fixed an issue where sensord deadlock was incorrectly checked. 5.0.0
#26771 Fixed an issue where the center daemon process would not run normally when setting the policy server node-server enable through gnlogin. 5.0.42(LTS)
#26815 Fixed an issue where the contents were not displayed when selecting a node group in the web console node port. 5.0.24
#26836 Fixed an issue where a department information search error occurred in the nodegroup condition if a department name with the tag 'department' existed. 5.0.42(LTS)
#26843 Fixed an issue where the agent package was created twice during the initial startup of the center daemon, causing a delay in startup time. 5.0.0
#26845 Fixed an issue where the agent icon was retained when deleting an agent on a node assigned the Windows Update node action. 4.0.M1 5.0.0
#26889 Fixed an issue where self-sign certificates were not reissued. 5.0.45