Genian NAC v5.0.58 Release Notes (NOV 2023)

Release Date: 2023/11/14, Last Updated: 2023/11/14 Description The last (R) mark is an additional release patch item.

New Features and Improvements

Key Description
#25533 Added an option to clean cache information in Policy Server Agent Windows Update settings.
#26325 Improved the httpd startup script to check whether procmond is running and execute httpd.
#26482 Improved to now compress department codes with a hash function to prevent the column size from exceeding size limit when storing.
#26545 Upgraded to GNOS kernel version 5.15.0.
#26575 Added the ability to turn on/off the IP management system.
#26907 Improved so you now have the ability to set multiple URLs for the search filter webhook setting URL in the web console audit log.
#26913 Added Exosphere support to Windows Agent antivirus data collection plugin.
#26921 Added external authentication integration plugin to replace Windows Agent GnExlib.
#26929 Improved logs to include USB information collected by the Windows Agent hardware information collection plugin.
#26942 Improved the logging in Tomcat debug when modifying device information in node details.
#26955 Improved to better retrieve and execute ES account information when executing the sysinspect script.
#27068 Added the ability to search items in the node group condition item list.
#27077 Improved the event socket not configured log when restarting the sensor.

Issues Fixed

Key Description Affects Version/s
#25805 Fixed an issue were the IP Change Prohibited (Designated IP range)-Single IP Violated icon was not displayed in the Web Console IP Matrix View. 4.0.8
#26742 Fixed an issue where the disable NMAP TCP SCAN setting in the Network Sensor node information scan setting was not being applied. 5.0.40
#26777 Fixed an issue where the policy last modified time was not updating when modifying the WebConsole node policy/control policy settings. 5.0.0
#26859 Fixed an issue where storage device information was not collected if the Linux Agent was not partitioned. 5.0.41
#26864 Fixed an issue where the Windows Agent's information collection plugin was intermittently not updating. 5.0.0
#26904 Fixed an issue where the Risk Detection icon was not displayed in the web console node list. 5.0.53
#26933 Fixed an issue where the calendar component used in the web console input field were displayed in only English. 5.0.20
#26951 Fixed an issue were the virus treatment log entries were not being recorded when using the antivirus information collection plugin. 4.0.144 5.0.41
#26965 Fixed an issue where an error message would appear when accessing the IP application page if there was no visitor usage setting in the application settings. 4.0.114 5.0.11
#26992 Fixed an issue where the agent plug-in was operating based on the time zone of the policy server instead of the local node time. 5.0.0
#27017 Fixed an issue in where the log was not saved when changing the log server credentials before the log server was started. 5.0.0
#27040 Fixed an issue where if the date information collected from the agent was ‘unknown’ or ‘no information’ it was displayed as ‘1970-01-01’. 5.0.0
#27048 Fixed an issue where the login screen and area would overlap when entering more than 3 lines for the web console login screen banner. 5.0.58
#27057 Fixed an issue where tomcat was displayed as tomcat9 in the log history when restarting tomcat, even though it was not tomcat9. 5.0.53
#27059 Fixed an issue where a tag name could be entered with a space when adding a tag in the web console. 4.0.M7
#27111 Fixed an issue where the job title synchronization failed if there was no job title information in the local DB when performing job title synchronization. 5.0.49
#27119 Fixed an issue where longer names used for the URL button of the Windows Agent authentication window were being cut off. 5.0.42
#27148 Fixed an issue where the failure count was not resetting after a successful login when using 2FA for web console login. 4.0.10