Genian NAC v5.0.9 Release Notes (August 2017)

Release Date: 8/16/2017

New Feature & Improvement

  • #16457 Add multi-node registration function to IP MatrixView
  • #16400 Added VIRTIO driver for Xen based virtualization system
  • #16537 Add new node / AP / audit log inquiry widget registered since last login
  • #16535 Upgrading the latest version of Kernel
  • #16406 Improved agent download screen
  • #16440 [Agent]Added USB device information collection function to Collect Hardware Information plug-in
  • #16053 [Agent]Improve System32 folder check method for 64-bit Windows
  • #16469 [Agent]Added auto update function for macOS’s Agent

Bug Fix

  • #16348 Node type management does not register normally when registering icons.
  • #16424 The network usage chart only shows up or down
  • #16230 The conditions are not immediately reflected when uploading a CSV file from a network object
  • #16462 Problem that caused SQL error when registering Agent Plugin
  • #16651 Fixed problem where node group regular expression matching condition does not work
  • #16670 Fixed the problem of HTTP connection when CWP redirection