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Genian NAC is available in three editions: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise.

Each edition has the following purpose.

Provides visibility into network and IT assets.
Provides network access control according to IT security policy.
Provides advanced and automated IT security.

Your deployment can be built and upgraded step by step using each edition, making it easier to build gradually with less cost.

Please refer to the function comparison table for each edition below to select the product that suits you.

Category Feature Basic Professional Enterprise
Visibility Detect/Monitor IP-enabled Device Yes Yes Yes
  Device Platform Intelligence (Name, Type, Picture, EOL, Connection, CVE) Yes Yes Yes
  Switch Port Information Yes Yes Yes
  WLAN Monitoring / Security (Rogue/Misconfigured AP) Yes Yes Yes
  Basic Endpoint Information (OS, HW, Software) by Windows/macOS Agent Yes Yes Yes
  Condition based Dynamic Node Group Yes Yes Yes
  Customizable Dashboards (Over 100 Widgets) Yes Yes Yes
  Track Changes / Audit Logs Yes Yes Yes
  Network Anomaly Detection (MAC Spoofing, Rogue Gateway, Ad-hoc) Yes Yes Yes
  Basic Reports (Node, WLAN, Log) Yes Yes Yes
  Notification (Email/Text Message) Yes Yes Yes
  Custom Reports   Yes Yes
User Authentication Captive Portal Login (Web login)   Yes Yes
  Active Directory SSO   Agent Based Agentless
  External User Directory Integration (LDAP/RADIUS/SMTP/POP3/IMAP/SAML2)     Yes
  Multifactor Authentication (Text Message/Email/Google OTP)   Admin Only Yes
Network Access Control 802.1X based Control (RADIUS Server, EAP, MAB, VLAN Assign, CoA)   Yes Yes
  ARP based Layer 2 Enforcement   Yes Yes
  Port Mirroring (SPAN) based Enforcement   Yes Yes
  In-line Enforcement (Dual-homed Gateway)   Yes Yes
  Switch integration (SNMP) based Enforcement   Yes Yes
  DHCP based Enforcement (DHCP Server)   Yes Yes
  Role based Access Control   Yes Yes
  IP Address Management(IPAM)   Yes Yes
  Tag-Based Control of Users, Wlans and Devices/Nodes (E.g., Guest devices, temporary privileges, policy exemptions)   Yes Yes
Cloud Security* Cloud Workload Visibility     Yes
  Automated Cloud Control using CLI Interface     Yes
  Cloud Security Group Management     Yes
Remote Work* ZTNA Client (SSL-VPN)     Yes
  FIDO (Biometric) authentication for MFA     Yes
  Always on ZTNA     Yes
Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)* Role-base Access Control Permission Policy     Yes
  Dynamic destination (Node Group) support in Permission object     Yes
  ZTNA Cloud Gateway for Security Service Edge (SSE) - AWS, Azure, GCP     Yes
  Secure Branch Tunneling (IPSec/GRE)     Yes
  Traffic Visibility (netflow)     Yes
  URL and Application Filtering     Yes
  IP Mobility (VxLAN, Always on ZTNA)     Yes
Desktop Management Compliance Check (Antivirus, OS Update, Required SW, OS Settings)   Yes Yes
  OS Configiguration (Screenlock, Internet Options, DNS)     Yes
  Windows Update Management (Offline Update, Update Cache, Approval)     Yes
  External Device Control (USB and etc.)     Yes
  802.1X Connection Profile Provisioning (Wireless/Wired)     Yes
  EAP-GTC Plugin for Windows (Support Regacy Password Authentication)     Yes
  WLAN Control (SSID Whitelist, SoftAP block)     Yes
Integration User Directory Sync (RDBMS, Active Directory, LDAP, Google)     Yes
  Webhook / Syslog / SNMP trap (Outbound)     Yes
  REST API (Inbound)     Yes
  Syslog Server (Inbound)     Yes
Business Process User Consent Pages     Yes
  Request/Approval via CWP (IP, Device, User, Guest User, External Device)     Yes
  Role based Administrator     Yes
  Custom Fields (Node, Device, User)     Yes
  Custom Captive Portal Pages     Yes
  Multilingual Support     Yes
Scalability and Availability High Availability (Policy Server / Network Sensor)     Yes
  Interface Channel Bonding     Yes
  Disaster Recovery (DB Replication, Redundant Policy Server)     Yes
  • Added in Genian ZTNA 6.0