Configuring Agent Defaults

Agent default policies determine the basic installation and operation of the agent on endpoints. Additional node specific agent settings may also be configured. See: Configuring Agent Settings by Node Policy

To configure agent default options, select Preferences on the menu bar and Agent in the left panel.

Installation Path

  • Defines the location the agent files will be installed to. Default: %ProgramFiles%GeniGenian (Windows Only)

User Confirmation before Installing

  • Determines if the installer gives a consent prompt to install agent when the installer is executed. (Windows Only)
  • Select: On,or Off

Displaying Installation Progress

  • Displays progress of installation. (Windows Only)
  • Select: On, or Off
  • If On, select On, or Off for installation result message.

Registering Install Information

  • Select: On, or Off for displaying agent under the Programs section in Control Panel. (Windows Only)

Agent Deletion Method

  • Select: Use Authorization Code, Without Authorization Code,or Not Allowed to designate if and how an end user can remove the agent from their endpoint.

Automatic Update Target

  • Select a Network Object to receive automatic agent updates.

Service Target Group

  • Specify a network object to enable the agent running.

Automatic pop-up message

  • Enable to display detailed message contents in a pop-up badge, rather than only a preview.

View My Status on Tray Menu

  • Select: On, or Off for Tray/ Menu Bar Agent Icon info. (Windows and OSX only)

Web Browser Type

  • Select: Internet Explorer, Default Browser or Enter Path to set the default browser for agent popups. (Windows only)
  • Enter Path if applicable

For Internet Explorer

  • Select: Enable, or Disable for Hiding Address Bar / Toolbar
  • Select window size: Normal, or Maximized
  • Select On, or Off for Display Window in Front

Agent Custom Icon

  • Upload a custom image for the tray icon. (Windows only)

KeepAlive Interval

  • Specify: Second(s), or Minute(s) for communication interval to update Agent runtime log. 5 Missed communications will define the agent as not running.

Scheduling Agent Restart

  • Specify: Minutes Hours past computer entering sleep mode for the agent to reboot. (Windows and OSX only)

SSL Certificate

  • Select: On, or Off for installing SSL Certificate from the policy server. (Windows and OSX only)