Configuring Agent Settings by Node Policy

Agent policies can be configured on the basis of individual node policies, which are then applied to node groups. To configure, select a node policy under Policy > Node Policy > [Policy Name] and scroll down to Advanced > Agent Policy in the main panel to access the following options:


  • Specify:
  • On, Off, or Delete to toggle agent run status or remove the agent from the node(s).
  • Deleting Agent Not Running:
  • Define a time frame of Hours, Days, Weeks or Months upon which to Delete the agent, if it has not connected to the policy server. Input 0 to disable this function.

Dissolvable Agent

  • The Windows Dissolvable Agent is a temporary executable that is pushed to a Windows system during a scan and automatically exits after collecting info from the endpoint. Control plugins are not fully supported by the dissolvable agent. Their control functions are inactive when the agent is in dissolvable mode, but they still may be used to collect endpoint information.
  • Select On, or Off

Agent Fail-safe

  • Deactivates the agent after a defined a time frame of Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks or Months since the agent has not been connected to the policy server.
  • Select On, or Off

Tray Icon

  • Toggles the appearance of the Agent Icon in the OSX Menu- Status Bar or the Windows System Tray.
  • Select On, or Off

Execution Account

  • Select Computer Logon Account, Privileged Account,or Local System Account to run the agent. Ensure the account selected has the proper permissions to perform agent actions configured under enforcement policy. See: Controlling Windows, Controlling macOS.
  • Computer Logon Account - Runs the agent from whatever account is logged in. Use this option if you plan to deploy the Agent through Active Directory GPO, SCCM or other software distribution mechanism.
  • Privileged Account - Select this option for multiple non administrators within a domain to self install the Agent, and configure with domain administrator credentials.
  • Local System Account - Select this account option for root level credentials on the local machine. Best used for node policies applied to a single device. The agent must be installed by the local account you wish to use.

Policy Update Interval

  • Specify a time frame of Hours for the agent to check the policy server for updates.
  • Select between 1-4 Hours

Deleting Outdated Information

  • Define a time frame of Hours, Days, Weeks or Months upon which to Delete the agent information, if it has not connected been updated. Input 0 to disable this function.