Configuring and Using the AWS Connector

Install AWS Connector

  1. In the top section, go to System > Update Management > Software > Policy Server Plugin.
  2. Choose Upload Plugins from the Tasks menu.
  3. Click Select file to upload the AWS Connector.
  4. In the list in the System > Update > Software > Policy Server Plugin menu, make sure that the status of the AWS Connector is changed to Installed.

AWS Connector Settings

  1. In the top section, go to Preferences > AWS Connector.
  2. Change the use of the AWS Connector to Periodic Performance or Specified Time Performance.
  3. Click the Add button in AWS Account Options.
  4. Enter your AWS account information (Access Key, Access Secret Key,Region) and the Account Name to specify these settings.
  5. Click the Add button.
  6. Set the Execution Cycle to get AWS Instance information.
  7. Click the Modify button at the bottom.

Checking AWS Instance Information

  1. In the top section, go to Management > Node.
  2. In the tree item on the left, choose the name you specified when setting up your AWS Connector account.
  3. In the right view pane, check whether the instance information created by the AWS EC2 service is registered as a node.


See: Monitoring Network Nodes for search, grouping and monitoring of nodes.