Understanding Network Monitoring

Getting Visibility of Network and Endpoint

Network access control is generally established through the following steps.

  • Obtain visibility of assets through network discovery and information gathering
  • Classify the collected assets according to security policy and status
  • Establish network access control policies for classified objects

Genian NAC collects information of various network assets through network sensors and agents and provides real time visibility to network and endpoints including:

  • Network Node
  • Endpoint
  • IP Address
  • Switch / Port
  • Wireless LAN

The network sensor and the agent monitor the management target network or the endpoint in real time and transmit the new information or the changed information to the policy server. The administrator can inquire the information of the entire management target network and the endpoint through the management console provided by the policy server.

Management Menu

The management menu on the administrator web console is for searching information collected through network sensors and agents. Each management screen is divided into three areas. The Tree Panel and Status & Filter Panel on the left serve to select the target objects to be displayed on the right View Pane.


Tree Panel

The Tree Panel allows you to select the target objects to be displayed on the View Pane as a sensor or as a group that meets the conditions specified by the administrator.

Status & Filter Panel

The Status & Filter Panel provides more detailed filtering of selected objects in the Tree Panel. Based on various information gathered by Genian NAC, it is easy to select and display objects matching the information in the right view pane. Also, statistical information is provided through a graph or a table when the top of various categories provided is selected.

View Pane

You can perform searches on the objects output through the search function provided at the top, or perform various tasks through the Tasks menu by selecting each item. Click on the link in the key column for each management menu to see more detailed information about the object. The key column for each management menu is as follows.

  • Node: IP
  • IP Address: Sensor
  • Switch: Switch, Port