Genian NAC v5.0.14 Release Notes (August 2018)

Release Date: 8/13/2018

For upgrading system software, please see Managing System Software

New Features


  • #15257 Improved Captive Web Portal. (Separate CWP can be applied to each node policy, Improved customization, Ability to modify CSS and Layout)
  • #17379 Improved the ability to Enable/Disable ports in the Port Scan list
  • #12581 Improved RADIUS Authentication success log to display actual Username instead of anonymous ID
  • #17588 Improved Agent Action Execution Condition to change according to OS Type
  • #17669 Removed Hyphenation Validation when entering Cell Phone Numbers
  • #17676 Added Bitdefender Anitvirus information collection function to Collect Antivirus Information action
  • #17821 Added Kaspersky Antivirus information collection function to Collect Antivirus Information action (Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Windows)
  • #17731 RADIUS Configuration options consolidated into the "RADIUS Server" menu
  • #17812 Improved to be listed in the selected subnet when returning from node management screen in Matrix view
  • #17862 Improved processing performance when deleting multiple sensors
  • #17876 Improved problem that difficult to distinguish OS of agent action when node group condition is added

Bug Fixes

  • #17719 Agent down after trying macOS Agent Update
  • #17911 Plugin does not work if period is specified for periodic execution of agent action
  • #18003 api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll error when installing agent on a specific PC
  • #18153 macOS agent and CWP display authentication status differently
  • #17514 Fixed an issue where the alarm on the audit record filter for the new MAC detected does not work
  • #17526 Fixed MatrixView tooltips that do not work properly
  • #17558 Fixed the problem that the tooltip of macOS agent menu bar icon is broken
  • #17640 Some monitor information may only be displayed when using multiple monitors
  • #17650 When OTP code is generated in QR code for cloud, image is broken and security key reset button is not visible
  • #17696 Fixed problem with 802.1x authentication due to EAP-GTC plugin unregistered on Windows
  • #17776 Fixed the SNMP Write community string showing as always invalid
  • #17818 Duplicate contents are sent to the same recipient when sending alarm by audit log filter
  • #17868 There is a possibility that both devices can be maintained as Master when the policy server redundancy is configured
  • #17926 Corrected time value incorrectly displayed among the collected antivirus information
  • #18055 Invalid Agent Action permissions in Basic Edition fixed
  • #18117 Fixed a problem where patch download fails if there are multiple interfaces of Policy Server or Distribution Server