Genian NAC v5.0.18 Release Notes (April 2019)

For instructions on installing and updating Genian NAC, please see Managing System Software

New Features and Improvements

  • #18027 Added dynamic VLAN assignment based on RADIUS (802.1x) Attributes

  • #18043 Added inline sensor operation mode.

    An operation mode is added in which a network sensor is located between an internal network and an external network, such as a firewall, to perform access control on a forwarding packet.

  • #18696 Added Rogue DHCP server detection to abnormal detection

Issues Fixed

  • #18830 Fixed a problem where URL setting of CWP Ok button does not apply
  • #18725 Fixed a problem where {_SENSORIP} macros did not work when sending messages through audit log search filter
  • #18715 Fixed a problem where some messages displayed "% s" when the agent working in Japanese Windows