Genian NAC v5.0.20 Release Notes (JUN 2019)

For instructions on installing and updating Genian NAC, please see Managing System Software

New Features and Improvements

  • Top menu navigation has been changed to top-down. (#18853)

  • A "memberOf" entry has been added to synchronize the user's group information (memberOf) during Active Directory user information synchronization. (#18752)

  • Added the ability to query the past node list and node group members by storing a daily list of the status of nodes belonging to the node group. (#17994)

  • The "CWP accessible group" option has been added to allow access to CWP pages only on allowed networks. (#18657)

  • RADIUS Server improved to display certificate information and restart internal RADIUS server after registering EAP-TLS certificate. (#19202)

  • Regularly updated NAC operational data has been remove from backup to reduce backup size. (#19379)

  • It is improved to be able to set the execution cycle in the "Control External Device" plug-in. (#19171)

  • [Mobile APP] The mobile management app has been modified to receive an notification when an (IP/Device)Request or node change occurs. (#18840)

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed a problem where "Retry Interval" and "Retry Attempts" options of the macOS agent plug-in action policy did not work. (#18887)
  • Fixed a problem that when using "Genian Agent User Authentication" window, authentication fails when entering a password longer than a certain length. (#18987)
  • Fixed an issue where "Enforcement Policy> RADIUS CoA" control option only works when the RADIUS isolation VLAN setting is ON. (#19335)
  • Fixed an issue where only some tasks run when running multiple "Run Script" plugin tasks in the node policy. (#19352)
  • Fixed a problem where the sensor map does not appear in the Admin console dashboard. (#19410)