Genian NAC v5.0.23 Release Notes (SEP 2019)

For instructions on installing and updating Genian NAC, please see Managing System Software

New Features and Improvements

  • Added a column to display switch software version on the switch management (#19485)

  • Added the switch interface information column "VLAN ID", "802.1X Settings" to the node management (#19731)

  • Added a column to disaply last login IP on the user management (#19506)

  • Added a audit log when RADIUS MAC authentication (MAB) fail (#19515)

  • Added a function to automatically limit the number of available IPs when approving a new user application through CWP (#19162)

  • Improved to show why failure occurs during agent upload via Web UI (#15960)

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed a problem where a node belongs to an unauthenticated node group even when actual authentication information remains on the node when setting user re-authentication on an authenticated node (#16751)
  • Fixed a problem in which Global DHCP mode did not work unless a local sensor was added to the Policy Server (#19652)
  • [Windows Agent] Fixed a problem where disk serial information of certain PCs was displayed as garbled characters (#19560)
  • [Windows Agent] Fixed issue where Windows Product Key was not collected properly (#19661)
  • [macOS Agent] Fixed an issue where the agent not work properly in OS X Mavericks (#19528)
  • [macOS Agent] Fixed an issue where the agent tray icon was displayed as unauthenticated when the macOS device was subject to host authentication policy (#19546)
  • [Windows Agent] Fix problems that the agent cannot view user information when using SSO (#19431)