Genian NAC v5.0.25 Release Notes (NOV 2019)

For instructions on installing and updating Genian NAC, please see Managing System Software

New Features and Improvements

  • Add MSI installation file to product package and add download function through management console (#18679)

  • Added node group export and import node group saved as file (#19804)

  • [Beta] Added a function to assign a node group to a network object during the condition setting of permission (#19917)

  • PERM-DNS permission used for Captive Portal have been removed. If a CWP setting exists in the Enforcement policy, it is automatically processed. (#17137)

  • Added agentless AD Single Sign-On and system information collection using WMI. (#19274)

  • Added new node registration function through 802.1X RADIUS authentication processing (#19825)

  • Added the function to set the validity time of the authentication code during SMS verification (#19542)

  • Improved support for multiple shared secrets on RADIUS servers (#19744)

  • Support UEFI installation (#20282)

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the automatic creation of an email sending report was successful but a failed audit log was left (#19966)
  • Fixed an issue where the percentage status was incorrect in the 802.1x status notation widget on the switch (#20024)
  • Fixes a problem where duplicate error occurs during dbmigration of SAML related default DB value (#19971)
  • [macOS] Fixed an issue where the agent behavior was shown as stopped when changing the interface (#19861)
  • [macOS] Fixed the problem that the operation / deactivation is repeated when controlling the screen saver (#19868)