Genian NAC v5.0.26 Release Notes (DEC 2019)

For instructions on installing and updating Genian NAC, please see Managing System Software

Genian NAC Version 5.0.26 is now available!

A major new feature in this release is enhanced node search capability. Now you can perform advanced searches by attributes like installed software, services, or associated CVE. Our second major feature addition is agentless Windows OS update via WMI integration. For enhanced network management, we have also added support for Custom DHCP option assignment. Now your sensors can be used to help configure IP phones, PXE and more! Additional improvements for WLAN Visibility, Node Grouping, and Agent function have also been added, including Agent based SSO support for Azure AD.

Please address any questions to your private Slack channel (clients and partners) or #qna channel. Thank you!

New Features and Improvements

  • Improved search function to allow enhanced searching by node details(#20295)

  • Added the ability to add DHCP custom option Fields to DHCP server functionality (#18558)

  • Added Agentless collection function for update status of operating system and antivirus via WMI (#20099)

  • Improved case sensitivity when retrieving the SSID of WLAN management(#19955)

  • Improved to create categories in the node group creation and modification screen (#20079)

  • [Windows Agent] Added SSO Support for endpoints logged into Azure AD(#20576)

  • [Windows Agent] Improved function to set agent Failsafe function by agent action (#19928)

  • [macOS Agent] Improved to reissue remote agent deletion code (#19860)

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the SNMP network information collection function did not work properly after changing the management sensor of the switch node in the management console [#16559]
  • Fixed an issue where part of sensor alias was not applied to matrix view (#18864)
  • Fixed an issue where the license warning pops up even though the license is normal (#19678)
  • Fixed an issue where Switch Management supports SNMP Write community but the checkbox of Admin DOWN is not selected (#20255)
  • [macOS Agnet] Fixed an issue where update checking and installation did not work when "Settings> Preferences> Agent> macOS Update> Connection Method" was connected via NAC.(#20235)