Genian NAC v5.0.29 Release Notes (MAR 2020)

For instructions on installing and updating Genian NAC, please see Managing System Software

New Features and Improvements

  • Log filter Webhook call provides standard JSON data by default, and the current input method is improved to use a custom form. (#18604)

  • "Management > Node - Click Node IP - Node General - Click diagram icon" Added diagram display function for the node. (#20094)

  • [Windows Agent] Added the ability to show permissions for performing agent actions(#20483)

  • Added the function to display the time of last modification of policy, group and object (#20031)

  • [macOS Agent] Added custom button display to "Preferences> Captive Web Portal > Custom Button" tray menu(#19850)

  • [Windows Agent] Added FALCON PREVENT antivirus information collection function to antivirus information plug-in(# 20656)

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where license error intermittently when restarting equipment (#20559)
  • Fixed an issue where sessions in the audit log live mode popup window are maintained after logout(#20066)
  • Fixed an issue where some note type images did not display correctly in IE(#20685)
  • Fixed the issue where the detail log display is displayed as a code when changing the widget setting(#14270)
  • [Windows Agent] Fixed an issue where the IE Security Option Control plug-in Trusted Site Removal does not work with the last slash (/) character difference(#20719)
  • [Windows Agent] Fixed an issue with reboot option after copying from file deployment plugin(#20580)
  • [Windows Agent] Fixed an issue that all selected checkboxes of language and applied OS are unchecked when plug-in creation or modification fails(#20651)
  • [macOS Agent] Fixed an issue that prevented the collection of real-time monitoring information from ESET vaccines.(#20625)
  • [macOS Agent] Fixed an issue where the password does not exist in the account but it is marked as set(#18733)
  • [macOS Agent] Fixed an issue where the agent authentication window did not pop up(#20634)