Genian NAC v5.0.30 Release Notes (APR 2020)

For instructions on installing and updating Genian NAC, please see Managing System Software

New Features and Improvements

  • Added system log (syscollect) collection function through management WebUI(#19997)

    • Download syscollect
  • RADIUS-based 802.1x policy setting menu has been added as a submenu of enforcement policy(#20450)

  • Added function to use RADIUS attributes other than VLAN assignment using RADIUS-based authorization policy(#20089)

  • Improved to provide ON / OFF option for PEAP in RADIUS setting (#20804)

  • Added the ability to change the port VLAN of the switch through the switch port management function(#20448)

  • Improved to check error for column name when uploading through CSV file in some menus of management WebUI(#20690)

  • Improved to be able to set multiple server addresses when setting Oracle information synchronization (#20743)

  • Improved to display a guide message when the file size is large when viewing the entire log file in the Admin WebUI debug log(#20847)

  • Improved to keep NAS IP information in the log when accessing the wrong authentication key in the authentication alternative environment using RADIUS accounting packets(#20865)

  • Bash vulnerability (shellshock) has been patched (#20874)

  • Improved the GET method cross site scripting (XSS) vulnerability (#20875)

  • Improved to limit the number of agent installation nodes according to the limit on the number of agents included in the IPAM license(#20775)

  • Tomcat version has been upgraded to 7.0.99> 7.0.100(#20928)

  • [macOS Agent]Added a wireless LAN control plug-in that can collect APs detected on macOS(#20631)

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed an error in which external authentication linkage sent incorrect information from the agent when using Host authentication (#20688)
  • Fixed the error that the equipment ownership department is output as the department code instead of the department name when outputting the node list Excel(#20713)
  • Fixed an error where uploading of data from the Genian syncer to the policy server failed because of license check failure (#20769)
  • Fixed an error where the start page remained set even if the start page setting option of the IE security option control plug-in was removed(#20789)
  • [Windows Agent]Fixed an error that did not send interface information immediately even if the interface of the terminal communicating with the center was changed(#20820)
  • [Windows Agent]Fixed an error that the agent could not collect some software list (# 20843)