Genian NAC v5.0.32 Release Notes (JUN 2020)

For instructions on installing and updating Genian NAC, please see Managing System Software

New Features and Improvements

  • Added function to allow SSH access of Genian devices from the management WebUI(On Premise version only)(#19822)

  • Added the ability to save the RADIUS audit log as a log filter (#20845)

  • Added a virtual sensor that performs node scan function for the remote network(Register a node without going through the sensor)(#21082)

    • Virtual Sensor Nodelist
  • Improved management WebUI switch management menu to support hierarchical structure as sensor tree of "Management> Node"(#20978)

  • Improved to enable AD authentication integration through RADIUS PAP authentication method(#21079)

  • Improved to use SMB2 when integrating with Windows domain(#21361)

  • Removed the account field that is additionally entered when selecting "Local System Account" from the agent "Execution Account" in the node policy(#21065)

  • [Windows Agent] The "Allow automatic administrative logon" control option has been added to the "Configure Windows security settings" agent(#20191)

  • [Windows Agent] Changed the "Copy" option name of the agent file distribution plugin to "Download"(#21252)

  • [macOS Agent] Improved to display the remaining waiting time when the macOS system shutdown plugin works(#20711)

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed an error page displayed when accessing an unauthorized page from an account with restricted access(#20899)
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip was displayed as blocked even if the device management policy was not specified in the "External Device Control Policy" column in "Management> Node> View Criteria - By Node-External Device View"(#21182)
  • Fixed an error in which user information deleted from the AD server after being synchronized with the AD server is not deleted from the local DB(#21190)
  • Fixed an issue where the AP status widget graph of the management WebUI wireless LAN access was not displayed normally.(#21202)
  • Fixed an issue in which DeviceIDs were duplicated when different terminals physically used the same USB LAN card(#21261)
  • [macOS Agent] Fixed an issue where the macOS "Update" plugin did not work in a VPN environment(#20975)