Genian NAC v5.0.44 Release Notes (DEC 2021)

Release Date: 2021/12/07, Last Updated: 2021/12/07

Description The last (R) mark is an additional release patch item.

New Features and Improvements

Key Description
#23391 For On-Prem Genian NAC, the Linux Kernel version has been upgraded to 5.10.60 to support the latest drivers.
#23658 Added MDNS real-time hostname detection to existing hostname detection capabilities.
#23771 Improved the sensor system restart option so that a sensor can be restarted even when the keepalive status is down.
#20083 Improved the node batch task menu option to include progress bar that displays status of task completion.
#22673 Added OS category to Add Agent Action window in Node Policy which allows Admins to filter Agent Actions by OS version.
#23366 Separated Agentless AD SSO settings from LDAP authentication integration. – sent recommended page improvements to Kyeyeon
#23516 Added an option to terminate applications on shutdown to the Windows Agent shutdown plug-in.
#23570 Improved to enable multiple selection / deselections via shift key in IP matrix view.
#23583 In the node management list, improved the department level displayed to include multiple levels of department membership.
#23602 Improved CLI DB Migration process to display detailed step-by-step status and progress.
#23618 Improved display of conditions when searching for hardware from the node list to include required conditions.
#23344 The Beta Features / Lab menu has been removed from the Preferences menu and features previously listed moved to permanent menu location.
#23367 Added 2-Step Authentication (2FA/MFA) options to RADIUS Policy.
#23895 Added Oracle Database version 19c option to Data Synchronization menu.
#23896 Improved performance of Management menu display for large enterprise environments.
#24020 Added a date range search option to the REST API for search parameters.

Issues Fixed

Key Description Affects Version/s
#23217 Fixed a problem where all users could be deleted due to a file read error when synchronizing CSV user information. 4.0.1
#23440 Corrected the problem that the network drive is included in the entire scan through Antivirus integration 4.1.0 5.0.0
#23519 Fixed an issue where the number of nodes in the software collection status did not match the number of nodes in the node management. 5.0.38
#23534 Fixed an issue where GDPI links for nodes registered with agents were not displayed. 5.0.39
#23553 Fixed the problem that the html tag is displayed when a file upload error is output on the CWP user registration page. 4.0.106
#23571 Fixed an erroneous error that was displayed during configuration of a custom button related to file uploads. 4.0.106
#23599 Fixed the problem that if tags are deleted without updating the node detail screen, the tag is not deleted. 5.0.22
#23609 Fixed the incorrect minimum value of the node health check minimum interval option of the network sensor. 5.0.38
#23625 Fixed the problem that an error occurred on the login page when the administrator account WEBUI access IP was set to any /0 value other than 5.0.41
#23657 Fixed an issue where the license file was not registered in Genian Syncer. 4.0.144 5.0.41
#23755 Fixed the problem that Syslog audit log filter addition/deletion did not work properly in the environment setting audit log. 4.0.145
#23773 Improved to the Log > Debug > system menu to display only the list of files and folders in the current path. 5.0.44
#23788 Fixed the problem that data could not be searched when sorting the use location on the IP use application result inquiry screen. 4.1.0 4.0.23
#23804 In the switch management menu, corrected an error that was displayed when the administrator checks admin down in the port setting. 4.0.106
#23845 Fixed an error that occurred when displaying the results of the audit log search filter in an analysis chart. 4.0.14
#23026 Fixed the problem that the file upload addition field for IP application did not work properly. 5.0.36
#23948 Fixed an issue where SNMPv3 switch information was abnormally collected during the SNMP information collection process. 5.0.41
#24025 Fixed the problem that the function of adding nodes to the node basket in the web console node list did not work. 5.0.44
#24066 Fixed an issue where synchronization failed due to file read failure when using information synchronization with CSV files. 4.0.146 5.0.44
#24072 Fixed the problem that Tomcat could not use the DB password registered in the Config file. 4.0.146 5.0.44
#24118 Fixed to collect some missing information from the macOS Agent software info-gathering plugin. 5.0.0
#24122 Fixed the problem that the contents of the set column were not displayed when multiple administrators added the custom management view in the Web console node management. 5.0.42