Synchronizing User Directories

Additional information such as department, job title, email, and group is required if policy is to be established using the usage information. If the user is not created locally but exists externally, this information should be retrieved via synchronization. Additional information can be used to create user groups or use them as node group conditions. Genian NAC can source this info from various sources.


This feature required Enterprise Edition

Testing Synchronization

  1. Go to Preferences in the top panel
  2. Go to User Authentication > Data Synchronization in the left Preferences panel
  3. Select checkbox of desired configuration.
  4. Click Tasks > Synchronize Now
  5. You can check result through Logs to verify.


Some database types can be configured with a "Data Source Name", which can prevent accidental deletion of content.If a data source name is not configured, the information from the database will be fully overwritten during the sync.