Installing Network Sensor

The network sensor is installed in the user's network and collects the information and transmits it to the policy server. Depending on your network configuration, you may need to install one or more network sensors on your network.

Prepare Hardware

You can install Network Sensor on a physical machine or virtual machine.

Physical Machine
You can use generic intel server like HP, Dell or Mini PC for testing and small deployment. If you have any hardware comparability issue, please contact us
Virtual Machine
You can install Network Sensor on virtual machine. We support various hypervisors like VMWare, VirtualBox, XenServer.


Even if you choose Cloud-managed services, network sensors must be installed on your network.

For more information about sizing, See Sizing Software and Hardware.

Prepare Network Connection

Genian NAC requires a network connection with at least one static IP address. You can use an 802.1Q trunk port to manage multiple VLANs on a single network connection. If you are using a virtual machine, be sure to select the network interface type in Bridge mode. It is recommended that the Wireless Network Adapter be installed in order for the network sensor to collect Wireless LAN information. See Wireless Adapter Compatibility

Installing Network Sensor

The installation process is the same as installing the policy server. However, you must select 2. Network Sensor in step 2 of the installation.

See Installing Policy Server