Installing Linux agent

Installing the Linux Agent over CWP

There are several ways to install agents in Genian NAC.

This is the guide for how to install the agent by accessing the CWP page.

  1. Access the CWP page. https://policy_server_IP-or-cloudsite_name/agent
  2. Select the Linux icon from the OS-specific agent icon and download the file.
  3. Open Terminal in your Linux distribution and navigate to the Download folder. (Based on Ubuntu)
  4. Run the installation script in the download directory as follows:
    • cd ~/Download
    • chmod 755 lnxagent_*Serveraddress*.sh
    • sudo ./lnxagent_*Serveraddress*.sh
  5. If prompted, provide the IP or FQDN of your Policy Server.


  • Depending on the Linux distribution, the download path for the Linux Agent installation script may vary.
  • The installer cannot run if the user does not have permission to install the file, so it must be run as an administrator. The process will automatically run when the script ends.
  • This Script may also be obtained and distributed via other means.

Verify Linux Agent Installation

  1. Connect to Web Console.
  2. Go to the Management > Node menu.
  3. Access the IP of the node you wish to check.
  4. If the agent icon is displayed on the Node List screen, the installation and information registration are completed normally.

Find agent logs on Linux

  • Open Terminal in your Linux distribution to view the log files below.
    • Installation path: /usr/local/Geni
    • Log path: /var/log/genians
    • Setup file path: /usr/share/genias/GenianDB
    • PID file path: /var/run/genians

Installation Specifications

Disk Memory
20~30MB 20~30MB

Linux Agent Supported OS List

See: Supported Operating Systems and Plugins