Node Details

Genian NAC displays node detail information and policy status in the Web Console. Node-Details included Network Sensor collected information, Agent collected information and Node Policy status.

In Node-Details, Administrator can check the node policy status, run node tasks and run agent tasks.

How to check Node-Details

  1. Go to Management > Node in the top panel
  2. Choose Node and Click Node's IP
  3. Check Node Details
List(tab name) Collecting from Collected information
Node Network Sensor IP, MAC, Status, Platform Intelligence information
Device Network Sensor Nodes for Device, Device Life-Cycle
Network Network Sensor Service, Open port
  Agent Plugin (Collect network information, Inspect TCP Connections, Contorl WLAN) Traffic, WLAN, TCP Connections
System Agent Plugin (Collect Hardware Information, Collect Monitor Information, Control Network Folder Sharing, Collect System Information Using WMI, Control Personalization) Hardware information, OS, Network Connections, WMI Status, etc.
Software Agent Plugin (Collect Software Information) Programs, Antivirus Software
OS Update Agent Plugin (Update Windows, Update macOS) OS update information
Policy Policy Server IP Policy, MAC Policy, Node(IP+MAC) Policy
Policy Status Policy Server Node Policy, Enforcement Policy, Node group, Agent Action Compliance Statistics, etc.
Malware Agent Plugin (Collect Malware Information) Malware information
Logs Policy Server(Log Server) Audit logs based on node information(IP+MAC)