Managing Node Groups

Creating a Node Group

A Node Group is a group of Nodes that are similar to each other based off of certain conditions. Node Groups allow you take action on many Nodes at once versus the same action on many individual Nodes.

Genian NAC provides two types of Node Groups:

  • Policy Group: is group based on Node-related information such as Node type, IP/MAC information, User information, Authentication, and more.
  • Node Group: is group based on the Node status, measured by Node Policies and the outcome of associated conditions.

Only Policy Groups may be linked to Node Policies, while all group types may be linked to Enforcement Policies

  1. Click Policy in the top panel
  2. Go to Group > Node in the left Policy panel
  3. Click Tasks > Create for Node Policy or Create

Under General

  1. For Category, Choose default or Create New (This allows you to categorize your Node Groups)
  2. For ID, type unique name
  3. For Description (Brief description of what this Node Group is for)
  4. For Status, Enabled
  5. Enter the following in Condition section:
    • Boolean: “AND” or “OR” (”AND” all conditions have to apply. “OR” any of the conditions have to apply)
    • Settings: Click Add (These are the various conditions to be applied for proper grouping)
  6. Click Add
  7. Click Save
  8. Click Apply in top right corner

Node Group Settings

Favorite a Node Group

To pin a node group to the top of the list, you can Star a node group by clicking the Star to the left of the node group name in the view pane.

Edit Node Group Category

You can change the Name or Link Color of a node group category to make them more easily recognized.

  1. Click the Category name in the left panel.
  2. Click Tasks > Update Category
  3. Fill in the desired Name
  4. Click the Color form to enter the desired Hex Color code, or use the included selector tool.
  5. After selecting, click Ok
  6. Click Update

Import / Export Node Group in JSON Format

Genian NAC Supports importing and exporting node group configurations in json format.

To import or export a node group in json format:

  1. Click Policy in the top panel
  2. Go to Group > Node in the left Policy panel
  3. Click Tasks > Export Node Group (select node group) or Import Node Group