Detecting Internal SSID

SSIDs are differentiated in the list from Internal to Neighboring APs.

Show Internal SSIDs

  1. Go to Management > WLAN in the top panel.
  2. Find and click column labeled Internal in the main WLANs window. All internal APs will be identified with a checkmark in this column.

How to Find an Internal AP

The AP detected by the Genian NAC Agent and the wireless sensor can be distinguished as an internally connected AP by several criteria. The Internal AP detection method is as follows:

MAC Similarity Check

  1. The network sensor collects the wired interface MAC information of the internally connected AP.
  2. The wireless sensor collects the AP's wireless interface MAC information and sends it to the policy server.
  3. Policy server compares the AP's wired and wireless interface MAC information and if they are similar, it determines that the access point is internal.

Packet broadcasting

  1. The network sensor broadcasts a virtual MAC to the network.
  2. At this time, AP connected to the internal network broadcasts the virtual MAC received from the network sensor to the AP's wireless band.
  3. The wireless sensor is monitoring the wireless network and when the wireless sensor receives the virtual MAC from the AP, it judges the AP as the internal AP.


  1. The Agent collects all network interface information on user device.
  2. This information is checked for matches against known network interface MAC addresses.

SNMP with wireless controller

  1. Information is collected from wireless controller using SNMP.
  2. This information is checked for matches against known MAC addresses from the wireless controller.