Creating Wireless Groups

A Wireless Group is any detected amount of SSIDs that are grouped together due to conditions or properties that have been set as identifiers. This is to help Network Administrators quickly navigate to specific SSIDs or Categories when dealing with a large quantity of SSIDs.

Create a WLAN Group

  1. Go to Policy in the top panel
  2. Go to Group > WLAN in the left Policy panel
  3. Click Tasks > Create

Under General:

  1. For ID, enter a unique name
  2. For Description, type what this group consists of
  3. For Status, select Enabled from the drop-down list.
  4. For Generating Logs turn On to show logs when SSIDs are added to the group

Under Condition:

  1. For Boolean Operator, choose AND to match all conditions, or OR to match any conditions
  2. For Conditions click Add to add conditions

Under Settings:

These are conditional settings that allow you to be specific in identifying SSIDs:

  1. For Criteria, you can select MAC, Protocol, SSID, Security Settings, Tag, and more
  2. For Operator, allows you to choose equal to, not equal to, contains, does not contain, and more
  3. For Value, type in some value to match what your searching for
  4. For Description, type what this condition does
  5. Click Add
  6. Click Save

Assign a WLAN Tag

You can Tag SSIDs to help categorize them and to build Policies using these Tags:

  1. Go to Management > WLAN in the top panel
  2. Find and click Checkbox of desired SSIDs
  3. Click Tasks > Edit WLAN Tag Settings

Under Assign WLAN Tag

  1. In drop-down select Assign Selected Tags
  2. Click Checkbox of tag to apply
  3. Click Save
  4. Click Apply

Assign a WLAN Group

You can group SSIDs that are similar to each other based off of Tags, SSID Name, Vendor, Security Settings, Protocol, and more.

  1. Go to Management > WLAN in the top panel
  2. Find and click Checkbox of desired SSIDs
  3. Click Tasks > Edit WLAN Group Settings

Under Assign WLAN Group

  1. For Action, select Add or Remove
  2. For WLAN ID, select SSID, MAC, or MAC+SSID
  3. For WLAN Group, group to associate to
  4. Click Save
  5. Click Apply

Group by Network Sensor

If you have many Network Sensors, it is difficult to manage all of these in one list. Here you have the ability to create groups and assign Network Sensors to them.

  1. Go to Management > WLAN in the top panel
  2. Click Edit Tree icon in the top right corner
  3. Right click on either WLAN AP or WLAN Client, click Create (New node group will appear for you to rename)
  4. Right click on newly created group and click Assign
  5. Search for Network Sensor and select each Checkbox you want to add to this group
  6. Click OK


If you have a presence around the world you can create Country Groups and add Network Sensors that are located within those countries.