502 Proxy Error


Information in the Web Console is not up to date, and the error message ERRMSG='Error 502 fault: SOAP-ENV:Server [no subcode] "HTTP/1.1 502 Proxy Error"' is present in the logs.


  • In large networks, the information takes time to be sent from the Sensor, to the Policy Server. This may exceed the default timeout values for connection and data transmission.


Increase the timout values

  1. Access the Policy Server by CLI
  2. Check the timeout values using the show configuration command.
  3. Enter Global configuration mode using the conf t command.
  4. Increase the timeout values for connection and data transmission.
  5. Wait for the new configuration to save.
  6. Exit the command line.
genian> en

genian> show configuration
genian# conf t

genian(config)# management-server connection-timeout [value in seconds]
genian(config)# management-server data-timeout [value in seconds]
genian(config)# exit

Genians# exit